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2019 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Night!

Welcome to Championship night! Who will win the 2019 tournament Stephen Habel, who needs to win 1 match or Kyle Wiest who needs to win match 1 to force a second match? But first there is the Baker Team Tournament. This is one of my favorite tournaments and formats. 5 bowlers combine together to bowl […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 Losers Bracket Champion Week

Stephen Habel earned the week off this week by winning the Winner Bracket last weekend. While he was home spending time with his Wife and Newborn baby who was born a day after winning the Winners Bracket! Congrats Stephen and family! This week Jeremy Hirsch waits for 4 other bowlers duke it out to see […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 Championship week – Greatest Matches

Budweiser fans its Winners Bracket Championship week. This week the Champion of the Winners Bracket will be determined… That bowler will get next week off. Tonight we also cut the field in half at the end of the night there will be the Champion on the Winners Bracket side and 5 bowlers who will duke […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 – Greatest Matches – Hell Week

Welcomes to Hell Week for the Losers Bracket. By the end of the night16 bowlers in the Losers bracket will be whittled down to 4. To survive you have to bowl at least 6 games in match play, some will bowl 9. Let’s see if anyone can run the gauntlet….. But first the Winners Bracket […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 – Greatest Matches – Week 3

It’s week 3 and after tonight half of the field of competitors will be eliminated. Who will survive? Congrats to Kevin Scheffert who had the first 11 strikes for a 297 and a 760 series. Kevin is last years champion, won his match easily tonight and remains in the Winners bracket for Hell Week next […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 – Week 2 Greatest matches

Week 2 is complete. 16 bowlers exit early from the tournament. There were a lot of great games and Matches. Congratulation to Heath Kohl who shot a 300 game and Won his 8 pm match against Danny Behning! 6 PM matches – Loser Bracket matches Josh Orr vs Shawn Timmermann – lanes 7-8. Josh starts […]

2019 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Tournament Week 1

Welcome back Budweiser Big 10 Tournament fans!  Are you ready for the 2019 Tournament to start?  We some exciting matches the first week, a first 300 game for a bowler, a family match and the possibility of more family matches in the coming weeks! First – Congratulations to Randy Mackey who bowled his first 300 […]

2018 Budweiser Big 10 Finals Week

Its finally here, the finals of the 2018 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Tournament! Who will win Kevin Scheffert your winners bracket Champion or Dan Moore your Losers Bracket Champion?  We will check on them after we look at what happened earlier in the day with the Baker Team Tournament. The Baker Team Tournament is a […]

2018 Budweiser Big 10 Losers Bracket Championship Week

Budweiser Big 10 fans – its one week before the finals.  Who will win out the Mini Hell week and face Kevin Scheffert next week in the finals of the Big 10 Championship?  Rick Jacobs, Jason Lanser, Steve Beck, Ryan Kase or Dan Moore. Rick Jacobs vs Jason Lanser – Jacobs starts with 206 and […]

2018 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Winners Bracket Champion

It’s Winners Bracket Championship week!  Who will win out and get a bye week next week?  Jason Lanser, Kevin Scheffert, Steve Beck or Dan Moore 7 Pm matches Tyler Kohl defeats Jay Lanser, rolling a 205 his last game to win easily 598-534.  Lanser and losers of the next 4 matches finish in a Tie […]