Monthly Archives: December 2017

2017 Greatest Matches Championship Week

Well here we are one week before Christmas and its Finals night for the 2017 Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  Will Brody Green force a second match by winning the first or will Bob Hochrein ring up his 8th Championship win. But before we begin the nights match(es) there is the Baker Team Tournament.  Where 5 […]

2017 Week 6 – Losers Bracket Champion Week

There are 5 bowlers vying for 1 spot and the chance to take on Bob Hochrein next week in the Finals of the Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  Who out of Pergande, Kohl, Green, Kasper and Althaus will find a way to survive the night 6 PM  –  Lanes 3-4 Dennis Pergande  vs  Heath Kohl The […]

2017 Week 5 Greatest Matches – Championship Bracket Week

Well its time to Crown a Champion in the Winner’s Bracket.  The Loser’s Bracket is bowling too and when the night is done the field is cut in half and we go from 12 bowlers to 6. So here we go Ben Cottrell   vs   Mike Myers    7  PM   Lanes 5-6 This is a Loser’s […]

2017 Week 6 Losers Bracket Championship Results

Your Winner’s Bracket Champion – Bob Hochrein gets the week off while the bowlers in the Losers bracket duke it out to see who will earn the right to bowl Hooky in the finals of the Budweiser Big Ten Tournament.  This is a mini Hell week as some of the bowlers may have to win […]