It’s Winners Bracket Championship week!  Who will win out and get a bye week next week?  Jason Lanser, Kevin Scheffert, Steve Beck or Dan Moore

7 Pm matches

Tyler Kohl defeats Jay Lanser, rolling a 205 his last game to win easily 598-534.  Lanser and losers of the next 4 matches finish in a Tie for 9th – 12th place

Rick Jacobs defeats Bobby Petsche.  Petsche tries to get the come from behind win and rolls a nice 223 game but Jacobs rolls a 216 and wins easily 665 – 617.

Brett Besler loses to Ryan Kase.  Kase starts big with a 266 and never really lets Besler get back in the match – Kase wins 669 – 559

Keith McDermott loses to Josh Orr, Orr was consistent rolling a 599 McDermott struggled til the last game but his 224 finish falls way short with his 520 series.

So Lanser, Petsche, Besler and McDermott cash in 9 – 12th place

Dan Moore vs Jason Lanser – Winners Bracket match.  Both struggle mightly the first game Moore nets an 8 pin advantage 156 – 148.  Moore rolls 245 the next game and adds 42 more pins to his lead when Jason Lanser rolls 203.  Last game is a strike fest for both, but that is not good news for Lanser as his 245 does not get him the come from behind win as Moore tops him by 3 shooting a 248.  Moore’s 649 tops Lanser’s 596 and puts him in the finals for the Winners Bracket Champion – bowling the winner of the next match

Steve Beck  vs Kevin Scheffert.  Beck starts slow but nets a 217, but he is down 28 pins with  Scheffert striking out of the gate and getting 245 his first game.  Scheffert stays hot and gets a 246 in game 2, a ball change does not help Beck as he struggles to strike and rolls a 189, down 85 pins Beck finally starts striking but its not enough, he leaves a couple single pins to get a 246 game, Scheffert does run into a little trouble but not enough to lose his lead he finishes with a 202 the last game and finishes with a 693, Beck’s 652 was second high in the Winners bracket but he loses to the one bowler that bowled better than him.   A few missed spares pushes him too far behind and he and Jason Lanser will have to win 3 times (a mini Hell Week) to try to make it to the Big 10 Finals.

Ryan Kase vs  Josh Orr, Orr strugglers all 3 games – has a nice tournament but loses to Kase 589 – 514.  Orr is bumped and finishes in a tie for 7th and 8th place.  Kase will bowl Beck next week and he also needs to win 3 to make the finals

Tyler Kohl vs Rick Jacobs – Losers bracket match – Kohl starts with 222 and 213 435 after 2.  Jacobs has a 181 start, then comes back with a 236 game 417 after 2 and down 18.  Kohl doesnt finish as well as he started and ends his tournament with a 182 – 617 series and finishes in a tie for 7th and 8th.  Jacobs manages another big finish the last game to get the come from behind win – his 236 finish and 649 series earns him the right to bowl in the Mini Hell week next week.

Dan Moore vs  Kevin Scheffert – Winners Bracket Championship match

Moore starts with 211 and 202 – 413 after two games, Scheffert starts with a 245 and then drops to a 182 and is up just 14 pins going into the last game.  Game 3 Moore rolls first and strikes, Scheffert Strikes on his turn and then a 4-8 and gets 1 for an open.  Moore strikes on his next two shots, Scheffert doubles on his next turn, Moore rolls 2 more strikes for a 5 bagger, Scheffert doubles on his next trip but he is down now.  Moore rolls strike #6 then leaves the 3 pin and spares, Scheffert gest a light mixer and a solid shot for a 6 bagger going into the 9th frame.  Moore strikes on the right lane again and again leaves a light 3 pin on the left lane and covers it.  Scheffert finishes first, he goes brooklyn in the 9th and leaves the 10 pin and spares, he has a 2 pin lead going into the 10th.  Scheffert strikes all 3 shots, Moore finishes by striking out also but by 2 thin Pins Scheffert is the WINNERS BRACKET CHAMPION!  Congratulations!  Moore is not out of the tournament but will have to bowl next week to try to get to get the Championship matches.

So Next week we have Lanser vs Jacobs, Beck vs Kohl, the winner of those matches will bowl each other.  The winner of that match will bowl Moore at 8 pm to determine the winners bracket champion

Good luck to all – matches next week start at 6pm