Budweiser Big 10 fans – its one week before the finals.  Who will win out the Mini Hell week and face Kevin Scheffert next week in the finals of the Big 10 Championship?  Rick Jacobs, Jason Lanser, Steve Beck, Ryan Kase or Dan Moore.

Rick Jacobs vs Jason Lanser – Jacobs starts with 206 and 223 – 429 after 2 games.  Lanser goes 233 and 214 – 447 after 2.  Jacobs rolls 4 strikes the last game, 2 of them for a double, 5 single pin spares and stayed clean for 201, Lanser rolled 9 strikes and left 3 single pins and was clean also for a 249 game Lanser wins 696 to Jacobs 632.  Jacobs finishes in a tie for 5th and 6th with the loser of the next match – Lanser will bowl round two against the Winner of the next match.

Ryan Kase vs  Steve Beck – Kase rolls a 219 the first game – Beck goes 248.  Game 2 rolls reverse and Kase has the higher game of 223 with 2 opens and a 6 bagger, Beck nets 183 with no doubles and an open in the 10th.  Kase is up by 11 going into the last game.  The last game they start the same strike spare, then Kase takes off and rolls a 4 bagger, hitting ’em thin and watchin’ em spin.  Beck was clean again the last game until the 10th, only carried 3 strikes he nets a 181, while Kase is clean til the 11th, rolling a big double in the 9th and 10th to shut Beck out.  His 231 – 673 finish knocks 2 time past champion Beck out of the tournament with a 612 series.  He finishes in a tie for 5th and 6th with Jacobs.

Jason Lanser vs  Ryan Kase  –  Both bowlers came off pretty big wins, but we move to a fresh pair.  Game 1 Lanser 2 doubles and a clean game and gets 213.  Kase misses a 10 pin and has a split for 2 opens, he finishes the game with a 5 bagger and 7 count for 212 and 1 pin down.  Game 2 Kase leaves the 2-10 split and misses both, he rattles off 4 9 spares in a row and then finally in the 6th frames gets a strike and turns it into a turkey, 9 spare and strikes out in the 1oth for 214.  Lanser has 2 splits for opens, a 5 bagger and a double for 217.  The match is 430 for Lanser to 426 for Kase.  Lanser starts with a spare, Kase doubles and takes the lead.  Lanser goes strike spare, Kase spare strike, Lanser splits for an open and then spares, Kase tacks on 2 more strikes for a turkey, Lanser goes spare and strike, Kase strikes in the 7th and looks to have a 50 pin lead, then leaves the 10 pin in the 8th and misses it.  Lanser jumps on the open and gets 2 more strikes catching a break on a Brooklyn in the 9th for a turkey and gets himself back in the match.  Kase comes up light in the 9th leaving the 2-4-8-10 and gets only 2.  Kase strikes in the 10th and then gets a 9 spare for a 213 game and 639 series.  Now he sits and watches as his fate is in the next toss by Lanser, who makes a good shot but its a solid 10 pin, he spares and leaves another 10 pin for a 205 game and 633 series.  Kase edges Lanser by 6 thin pins.  Lanser who is the second past champion ousted by Kase tonight finishes in 4th place.  Can Kase win 3 matches in one night to make it to the Championship match or will Dan Moore deny him this opportunity and send himself to the Championship match to get revenge on Kevin Scheffert?

Ryan Kase vs  Dan Moore – Game 1 Kase rolls 2 doubles and a 5 bagger but has 2 big splits for opens so only nets a 221 for his 9 strike effort.  Moore gets a brooklyn for a double, another double and a 4 bagger.  He also has 9 strikes but he is clean and rolls a 238 game.  Game 2 Moore goes double, back to back splits for opens, strike, spare, spare, washes out for an open, then when it seemed bleakest he found the pocket and struck out in the 9th and 10th for a 187 and 425 after 2. Kase went strike, 3 spares, double spare double and when he needed a spare or better yet a strike to put himself up by 30 or more he opens leaving the 2-4-8 and catches only 2 for a 201 game and 422 after 2 and down by 3 pins.  Game 3 both bowlers start with turkeys, Kase adds a 4th strike, while Moore misses the 7 pin the 4th, then strikes, Kase gets a 5th strike and has the lead, and maintains the lead when he leaves the 2-7-8 split but covers it.  Moore rolls 2 more strikes to make a turkey through the 7th.  Kase has back to back disaster frames leaving the 3-4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, then leaves the bucket and gets only 2 for back to back opens.  Moore who went from being down to open just by watching Kase bowl, strikes in the 8th then covers the 3-9 spare, Kase rolls a great shot and leaves the 7 pin and spares, strikes in the 10th then comes in light and leaves the 8 – 10 split for an open and a 208 game and 630 series.  Moore needs pins and gets a strike to get the win, he caps it off with 9 more and misses the 7 pin but it doesn’t matter. his 234 game and 659 series sends Dan Moore to the Championship Match!  Congratulations Dan!  Dan took the 2nd easier route to the championship match as his only loss came when he bowled Kevin Scheffert in the championship round and lost by only 2 pins.  This should be a great finals next week.  Kase has his best finish yet in the Budweiser Big 10 Championship tournament and was a couple frames short of making the finals, he bowled well during the tournament and nets himself the 3rd place check.  Congrats on a great tournament!

So that is it – one week to go.  Matches are at 7 and 8 pm on Saturday.  I am looking forward to a fantastic finals!  Good luck to Scheffert and Moore!  If Moore is able to outscore Scheffert the first match he will have to defeat him twice, so there could be a winner take all 2nd match!

Before the finals, stop down in the afternoon to watch the Baker Team Tournament – it has been expanded  this year and may grow to be 24 teams in the next year or two…..  The baker tournament is 5 person teams where each bowler bowls 2 frames each in a game.  So all 5 bowlers combine to bowl 1 game.  If you have not seen Baker team bowling on TV or at a High School or Collegiate meet then this is something you need to stop down and watch!  Its one of my favorite events all year!

Good luck to all and see you at the lanes!