Its finally here, the finals of the 2018 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Tournament!

Who will win Kevin Scheffert your winners bracket Champion or Dan Moore your Losers Bracket Champion?  We will check on them after we look at what happened earlier in the day with the Baker Team Tournament.

The Baker Team Tournament is a tournament where 5 bowler combine to bowl a single game, then repeat that 11 more times for a 12 game tournament.  If you have ever watched a High School or Collegiate Meet you have seen this exciting format.  This is how the format goes.  I will use my teammates names for simplicity.  I bowl the 1st and 6th frames, Cindy bowled the 2nd and 7th frames, Beco bowled the 3rd and 8th frames, Terry bowled the 4th and 9th frames and Steve bowled the 5th and all of the 10th frame.  You can change the order you bowl at any time during the start of a new game.  The tournament has always been a 12 team tournament and was expanded this year to 17 teams this year with hopes that it will grow and fill both sides.  Teams qualified by bowling one game on their starting lane, then switching with the team on their pair and bowling a full game on the other lane on their pair.  Then skipping one set of lanes and repeating on the next pair until they have completed 12 games.   The expanded field means more teams can qualify for the finals, in previous years 4 teams qualified, thankfully 8 teams qualified this year for bracket play!  8th place was 2499 – so it took 99 over to qualify this year.  The matches will be 2 game matches in the finals with each team bowling a complete game against their opponent on the pair they were assigned

In Round 1.   #4 DCS defeated 3. Sunset Lanes  #2 Lanser defeated #7 Fuzzy Nuts.  On the other side of the brack for round 1.   #4 FGC defeated #6 Last One.   #8 Creslanes defeated #1 Family Beer.

Round 2 #2 Lansers defeated DSC to move on to the championship match.  #5 FGC defeated Creslanes to get to the finals

Round 3 – The Championship round.

The Lansers team members were – Jason Lanser, Jerry Lanser, Justin Lanser, Ryan Duhme and Jeremy Cook

The FGC team members were – Dennis Pergande, Tom Bertjens, Tim Cole, Jason Robey and Clayton Cole

#5 FGC rolled a 223 game #2 Lansers a 219 game.  In game 2 both struggled Lansers bowled a 151 game and a 370 series, FGC struggled a bit too but comes out on top with a 181 game and a 404 2 game series and the 2018 Baker Team Championship!   Congratulations to all the qualified and especially to the FGC team!

Now on to the Finals of the 2018 Budweiser Big 10 championship Tournament.   Dan Moore must defeat Kevin Scheffert twice to be crowned champion.  Dan was in this same situation a few years back and forced a second match, he then lost the 2nd match and was runner up, not what he wanted but still a great tournament.   The crowd was pretty big this year, some of the bowlers from the Baker Tournament hung out to see who would be champion.  The Budweiser Crew was in attendance, Gary Fagan the Big 10 photographer and Jim Leitner from the Telegraph Herald.  Now on to the first Match!

Kevin Scheffert vs Dan Moore     Lanes 7&8      7 pm

Scheffert has an up and down start to game 1, he starts with the 3-6-10 and chops the 3 off for an open in the 1st, then doubles, leaves the 3-4-6-7 split and covers only the the 3-6 for another open.  Then gets some light shakers to go and turkeys in the 5th – 7th, ending that string with another split – the 3-4-6-7-10 getting only the 6-10 for a third open, he strikes out in the 9th and 10th for a 199 rolling 9 strikes in the game but had 3 opens.  Moore (a left hander) starts the first game with a light shot and leaves the 3-9 and spares, then covers the 3 pin, he then changes balls and 4 bagger with a few nice light mixers, he leaves a 7 pin to end the string and covers it, then gets lucky and trips the 3 to get a strike in the 8th, adds another in the 9th for a double then comes in light again leaving the 3 pin spares and leaves a 4 pin for a nice 236 game and a 37 pin lead.

Game 2 Moore is the one that struggles, he starts with another ball change gets a brooklyn to start, then covers the 4 pin, uncharacteristically misses an 8 pin, strikes,  goes high and leaves the 4-7-10 split, 8 pin and spares this time, washes out and gets 3 for an open, another ball change and strikes, a mixer in the 9th for a double then a mixer for a double, leaves the 4-7 in the 10th and chops it for his 4th open in the game for a 157 game and 393 after 2.  Scheffert has the light strike going and starts with a 4 bagger, comes in light for a 2 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger to finish the game and a 7 spare and his 255 – 454 tops Moore by 61 pins going into the last game.  The two missed spares cost Moore about 31 pins (assuming he strikes on the fill ball in the 10th)

Game 3 Scheffert goes first and covers the 7 pin, Moore doubles, Scheffert opens leaving the 2-4-10 and gets 2,  then strikes, Moore leaves the 2-4 and spares, then gets a brooklyn, Scheffert strikes twice to make a turkey, Moore rolls 2 more strikes in the 5th and 6th for a turkey, Scheffert strikes in the 6th to make it 4 in a row and then goes high and leaves the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 3.  Moore strikes in the 7th and again in the 8th getting a light mixer and he has picked up 50 pins on Scheffert with a few frames to go.  Scheffert throws 2 solid shots in a row for a double in the 8th and 9th, Moore needs a double to force Scheffert to mark, but he doesnt get it he leaves a 9 pin the 9th and spares and covers the 7 pin the 10th and gets 9 for a 245 game and 638.  Scheffert finishes the match with a 3 pin spare and a strike for the Championship!  his 206 – 660 gets him the 2018 Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  Congratulations to both bowlers, this was an up and down match that could have gone either way.  Scheffert finishes the tournament UNDEFEATED!

Runner Up Dan Moore and Champion Kevin Scheffert

Here is a full prize list and winners

Hi Qualifier  $35 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Jason Lanser     1471

Hi Game       $15 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Colton Hedrick  300

Hi Series       $15 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Brett Besler        781

9th – 12th Place finishers    $75 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Keith McDermott

Jay Lanser

Brett Besler

Bobby Petsche

7th – 8th Place finishers      $100 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Josh Orr

Tyler Kohl

5th – 6th place finishers      $125 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Steve Beck

Rick Jacobs

4th Place                                 $225 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Jason Lanser

3rd Place                                 $325 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Ryan Kase

2nd Place                                $650 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Dan Moore

2018 Budweiser Big 10 Champion $1300 and a Budweiser Holiday Stein

Kevin Scheffert

2018 Budweiser Big 10 Champion Kevin Scheffert