Its hard to believe but we are one week away from Crowning the Budweiser Big 10 Champion!  Who will win out the night and face Jason Lanser next week??  We have 4 matches so will touch on them all.

Dennis Pergande  vs  Heath Kohl

We are on 3&4 for this match,   Pergande starts with a 4 bagger, 4 pin spare, double, 7 pin spare, double and 10 pin spare for 247.  Kohl picks up the 9 pin, 6 bagger, wiffs the 10 pin, turkey and 9 for 256 and a 9 pin lead.  Game 2 Kohl goes double, 10 pin spare, 3-4-6-7 split and gets 3 for an open, turkey, 2-4-8 spare, strike, 7 pin spare and strike for 211 and 467 after 2.  Pergande goes 7 pin spare, 5 bagger, 8 pin spare, 7 pin spare, 2-7 split and gets 1 for an open, double and 9 to toss a 234 game and have 481 for 2 games and a 14 pin lead.  Last game Pergande goes 7 pin spare, Kohl covers the 10 pin and strikes, Pergande strikes and then leaves a 7 pin and covers it, Kohl tacks on 2 more strikes, Pergande covers the 3 pin, then the 6 pin, Kohl adds 2 more strikes and takes the lead, Pergande strikes in the 6th then leaves another 7 pin and spares, Kohl adds one more strike for a 6 bagger, then leaves the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 2 for an open.  Pergande strikes on his next shot, but leaves a 6 pin when he really needed a strike and spares, Kohl finishes the match off by striking out in the 9th and 10th for 249 and 716.  With the match over – Pergande misses the spare in the 10th and shoots 184 – 665.  Pergande had a great tournament and was rocking the pins the first 2 games but his carry just went away.  He finishes in a tie for 5th/6th with the loser of the next match.  Kohl faces the winner of the next match, so here we go….

Colton Hedrick   vs  Steve Breitbach Jr

This match is on 9&10 Winner will face Heath Kohl at 7 pm.  Hedrick starts with  a 5 bagger, 4-8 spare, 8 pin spare, 5 bagger for 267.  Breitbach leaves the 1-3-4 and spares then throws a 6 bagger, 2-4 spare, 7 pin spare, 6 pin spare and strike for 246.    Down 21, Breitbach starts with 4 bagger in game 2, 4-7-8 spare,  big 4 split and gets 3 for an open, double, 10 pin spare, strike and leaves the 7 and misses it for 219 and 465 after 2.  Hedrick goes strike, back to back 4 pin spares, strike, covers the bucket, then strings the last 7 strikes for 249 and 516 after 2 and a 50 pin lead over Breitbach.  Hedrick starts the last game with a strike, Breitbach doubles, Hedrick covers the 10 pin in back to back frames, Breitbach tacks on 2 more strikes, Hedrick strikes then misses a 10 pin, Breitbach strikes for a 5 bagger, and just when he can take the lead he leaves the 7 pin and misses it, Hedrick leaves the 2 and spares then strikes, Breitbach down 10 now leaves a 10 pin and misses it then leaves the 2-4-6-7 split and spares, Hedrick trips the 2 forward for a strike, then strikes again solidly, Breitbach leaves the 2-9 and spares and the match is over, he finishes by covering the 7 and getting 9 more for 212/677.  Hedrick gets 2 more strike for a 5 bagger and 9 to roll a 226/742 and wins the right to face Heath Kohl.  Breitbach Jr has another great tournament, finishing 2nd last year to Steve Beck, he finishes this year tied for 5th/6th – great bowling!

Colton Hedrick  vs  Heath Kohl

The winner of this match will face Kyle Wiest for the championship of the Losers Bracket.  This match takes place on 5&6.  Hedrick starts us off with a 5-7 split and gets 1, then doubles, covers the 7 pin, throws 2 solid strikes then goes High/brooklyn and a sweeper takes out the 6-10 for another strike, 4-8 and gets 1, strike, 10 pin spare and 7 for 201.  Kohl starts off missing the 10 pin, 9 strikes, with the last one a brooklyn, then leaves the 10 pin and spares for 268 and 67 pin lead.  Kohl starts game 2 with an 8 bagger, 10 pin spare, then opens the 10th when he leaves the 7-10 split and gets none for 255 and 523 after 2.  Hedrick goes 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 8-10 split for an open getting one, 3-6-10 spare, 8 pin spare and almost left the 10 on that one too, strike, 2 pin spare, 4 bagger and 9 for 214 and 415 after 2.  Down 108 pin Hedrick starts with a strike, Kohl needing just 193 to shut Hedrick out  and starts with a double, Hedrick leaves the 4-6-9 split and gets 2, and then covers the 4-7, Kohls magic number dropped to 15, he covers the 10 pin and strikes and he is half way to victory, Hedrick strikes then leaves the 10 pin and spares, Kohl leaves the 2-10 split and gets none and strikes, Hedrick fails to strike in the 6th leaving a 4 and spares and the match is over, he finishes out with a double, pair of spare and a strike for 194 and 609.   Kohl doubles and covers the 7 pin and gets 9 and his 189 along with the prior 2 games knocks Hedrick out of the tournament, He finishes in 4th place and had a great tournament.   Kohl rolls another 700 count – 712 to win the chance at the Losers Bracket Championship

Heath Kohl   vs  Kyle Wiest

Kohl starts with a turkey,10 pin miss, double, 10 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, strike for 225.  Wiest goes 5 bagger, 4-6-7 split and gets two for an open, strike, misses the 4 pin doubles and leaves the big 4 getting 2 for 217.  Down 8 pins Wiest goes 3-9 spare, doubles, 10 pin spare, 2-10 split for an open, strike, 9 pin spare, 5 pin spare, strike, brooklyn on the first shot in the 10th, then strikes out for 215 and 432 after 2.  Kohl starts with the first 7 strikes, 3-6-10 spare, double and 3-6-10 spare for 264 and 489 after two.  Kohl has a 67 pin lead and starts game 3 with a strike, Wiest doubles, Kohl strikes and then covers the 10 pin, Wiest goes high leaving the 3-6-10 and spares then strikes,  Kohl covers another 10 pin then strikes, Wiest trips out the 6-10 late on a high strike for a double then leaves a shooshing 7 pin and spares, Kohl takes on 2 more strikes, Wiest doubles, and when Kohl doubles is pretty much his, Wiest leaves the 1-2-10 washout and its over.  He finishes with a 207 and 639 and his best finish in the Budweiser Big 10 – 3rd place  – great job Kyle! Kohl finishes out with a 257 and 746 and averages 241 for the night to take down the field and wins the right to face Jason Lanser for the championship of the Budweiser Big 10.  He must defeat him twice to be the champion!

Good luck to both bowlers next week!  It looks to be a great finale and we will crown a champion who has never won the tournament before!

Reminder the Baker Team Tournament starts Saturday afternoon at 1:30 – if you have never watched this event before come down – it is a great team event as 5 bowlers combine to bowl a game, and each team will bowl 12 games – across lanes 1-12.  Then Match Play finals where 1st qualifier bowls 4th, and 2nd bowls 3rd,  winners to bowl for the championship.  And as always Budweiser will have some fun activities for all.  Some come on out for the finals!