Finals week is here!  Tonight we find out who is the 2015 Budweiser Big 10 Champion.  Will it be the hard firing left – Dennis Pergande or will it be Terry Cottrell who has tried for 30+ years to claim the title.  Pergande will need to win match one to force a match two to have a shot at a winner takes all match…..

The day begins with the Baker Team Tournament.  A very fun tournament that I have bowled in for about 20 years.  The way this works is you put together a 5 person team and they combine together to bowl one game, then do this 12 times across lanes 1 – 12.

  • Bowler One throws the 1st and 6th frames
  • Bowler Two throws the 2nd and 7th frames
  • Bowler Three throws the 3rd and 8th frames
  • Bowler Four throws the 4th and 9th frames
  • Bowler Five throws the 5th and all of the 10th frame

12 Teams compete with the top 4 teams moving on to a 2 game semi final round where the top team bowls the 4th qualifier and the 2nd and 3rd place teams compete.  The winners of those matches will bowl for the Baker Championship.

The top four teams were

  • Sunset Lanes
  • Creslanes (my team)
  • Schultz Processing
  • Titties and Beer

Sunset Lanes  defeated Titties and Beer in round one, while Creslanes defeated Schultz Processing.  The Championship match is between Creslanes and Sunset.  Creslanes takes a 15 lead after game one – winning 202 – 187.  Game two Creslanes takes the Championship 193 – 170 winning 395 – 357.  Congratulations goes out to my team:  Ben Cottrell, Kyle Wiest, Cindy Cottrell, Terry Cottrell, Steve Breitbach Jr. on winning the Baker Team Tournament!  This is one of my favorite tournaments to bowl because you truly need to work together and pick up spares to be successful!  This is the first year I have not bowled, my son Cody was playing basketball in the Loras Wendy’s Classic against Lake Geneva High School.  He plays on the Sophomore Team, and sits with the Varsity team.   So we kept the subs in the family and Ben and Kyle did an awesome job along with the other members on a tougher shot.

My mom also loves to come watch this and she has been our lucky scorekeeper for years.  After the team won she looked at Beco and said “Welcome to the Vogt Dynasty!”  Love it!

Now on to the main event

Terry Cottrell vs  Dennis Pergande



The match is on lanes 7-8 at 7 pm with one of the bigger crowds, with family and friends for both bowlers on hand to cheer them on.  Neither bowler has ever won the Big 10 title, so we crown a brand new Champion toinight!  Cottrell starts the tournament with a 4-6 split he gets one for an open, Pergande doubles, Cottrell strikes, then back on lane 7 for another split the 3-6-7-10 and gets 3 for another open, Pergande rocks two more strikes to jet off to a 50+ pin lead, Cottrell strikes again on the right lane, then goes wide on lane 7 for a 2-10 split and almost picks it up but its his third open in 5 frames.  Pergande stuffs two more no doubter strikes in the pocket for a 6 bagger.  Cottrell strikes on the right lane and then finally strikes on the left lane, Pergande tacks on two more pin blasting strikes, Cottrell stays in the match (which is hard to say this early) and gets two more strikes, Pergande blasts another strike in the 9th, and then rocks 3 more strikes for a perfect game and the place goes wild with applause.  Cottrell finishes game one with a light mixer and two more strikes on the right lane for a 215 game – rolling 3 splits for opens and 9 strikes finishing with the last 7 – Pergande with his 12 pin blasting strikes takes a pretty impressive 85 pin lead after game 1.

Game two – Pergande starts with a solid 7 pin and misses it, Cottrell doubles on his turn to start to chip away at Pergande’s lead.  Pergande strikes on his next turn then leaves a 6 pin and spares, Cottrell tacks on two more strikes, Pergande doubles in the 4th and 5th, Cottrell strikes in the 5th for a 5 bagger then leaves a solid 4 pin and spares, Pergande goes high and leaves the 4-6-10 and gets 2, then strikes, Cottrell doubles on his next turn and has chipped away at the 85 lead taking it down to about 30 pins.  Pergande sticks another solid 7 and covers this one, then goes wide and leaves the 1-3-6-9 and spares, Cottrell sticks another 4 pin and spares, gets a messenger to take the 10 out in the 10th for a strike, adds another strike and then leaves a 9 pin for 257 – same amount of strikes (9) as game 1 but no opens.  Pergande rocks 3 solid strikes for a 190 game and just like that his lead is down to 18 pins.

Game On!

Cottrell strikes in first frame of game 3, Pergande sticks a 6 pin and spares, then leaves another 7 pin and hangs the edge for the spare, Cottrell strikes then leaves a 10 pin and spares, Pergande doubles on his next turn to keep the lead, Cottrell sticks another 10 pin and spares then strikes, Pergande goes high and leaves the 6 pin and spares, then leaves another on a light shot and spares, Cottrell strikes in the 6th frame, then on the left lane goes in light almost leaving the 7-10 split gets the 7 to go and then a tap on the 10 and its a strike and he has the lead in the match, Pergande stuffs his next shot but is unlucky – leaving the 6-8 split and gets 1, then another 7 pin for a spare in the 8th, Cottrell repeats his last strike – almost leaving the 7-10 split but they both go out with a late tap on the 10 for another strike, then a solid strike in the 9th locks up the win, Pergande doubles in the 9th and 10th and leaves a 6 pin and spares for a 203 and 693 total.  Cottrell leaves a 10 pin covers it and strikes for the improbably come from behind win his 247 and 719 nets him his first win in the Budweiser Big 10 Tournament after trying for over 30 years! The crowd goes wild, happy tears are flowing and Terry Cottrell is you 2015 Budweiser Big 10 Champion!  Dennis Pergande had an amazing run at the championship – he netted 2 – 300 games and was a very intimidating opponent.  He consistently rocked the pocket and decimated the pins, but fell just short, his 300 game start not quite enough to hold off Cottrell, Pergande had 11 strikes in the final two games, left 5  – 6 pins and 4 – 7 pins missing just one of those.  Cottrell rocked 26 strikes to get the final fantastic come from behind win of the season – with only 3 opens – the three splits in the first game, he left 2 – 4 pins and 3 – 10 pins and made them all!

Congratulations also to Dennis Pergande – he has steadily over the past 4 years become a very intimidating opponent in the Big 10 tournament.  He was the high Qualifier this year and finished 2nd.  I know there may be a shot or two he would like to take back but I truly believe that he did not lose this match but Cottrell won it.  So with his best finish ever  – watch out next year and if you qualify for the Big 10 – you better hope you are not in his bracket – because I think he has what it takes to get to the finals again!

Congratulations to my Brother-in-Law Terry Cottrell! Week after week, he took down opponent after opponent – not easy opponents but past champions – like Bob Hochrein and Jim Leach, and other top finishers in the past few years like Chris Schultz and Heath Kohl.  I am sure the crowd after game one expected to see a second match after watching Pergande rock the pocket for 12 straight shots and most bowlers would have just given up on that first match and said lets move over to the next set…..  but not Terry.  His never-give-up attitude nets him one of the most memorable finishes in the tournaments history.   Congratulations on a long overdue, well-deserved, dramatic and fantastic come from behind win to be the reigning Budweiser Big 10 Champion!


2015 Budweiser Big 10 Champion Terry Cottrell


Terry and his Wife Cindy waiting for the ceremony


Runner up Dennis Pergande


Terry Cottrell getting congratulated by Steve Kamentz


Last years Champion Jason Lanser presenting Terry with his Budweiser Jacket


You winner Terry Cottrell


Steve Kamentz with his plaque that Budweiser presented to him for his years of promoting the tournament


Terry and Cindy Cottrell with their kids and some of their spouses an grandkids