Well we are down to who will win the Losers bracket – tonight 5 bowlers will face off til there is just one left standing.  That bowler will face Tyler Kohl next week to have a chance to win the 2016 Budweiser Big 10 Championship!

There are 4 matches tonight – 5  700’s were shot – 2 bowlers shot 700 and lost, the largest win was only 48 pins.   So let’s get it started…

Jason Lanser  vs  Bob Hochrein     Lanes 3&4      6 PM

The first of two matches at 6 pm – Lanser starts out with a turkey, 7 pin spare, turkey, misses a 10 pin, turkey and leaves a 10 pin for a 245 start.  Hochrein goes 5 bagger, 10 pin spare, 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 3 for an open then strikes out for 252 and a 7 pin lead.  Game two Hochrein goes, strike, 6 pin spare, back to back 10 pin spares, 2 pin spare, 5 bagger, 7-10 split and gets one for 234 and 486 after 2.  Lanser goes strike, 10 pin spare ,turkey, 10 pin spare, 5 bagger and a 10 pin for 258 and 503 after two and takes a 17 pin lead.  Game 3 Lanser starts with the 5 count bucket and spares, Hochrein doubles on his turn, Lanser answers with a double, Hochrein rolls two more strikes, and when Lanser leaves a 4 pin and spares, Hochrein takes the lead, Lanser then leaves the 7-9 split and gets one and has 96 through 5 frames,  Hochrein leaves the 2 pin and spares on his next turn and then leaves a 10 pin and misses it, but has 137 through 6 and the lead.  Lanser comes back after his open frame with a double, Hochrein strikes then leaves another 10 pin but covers this one, Lanser tacks on 2 more strikes and takes back the lead, Hochrein leaves a 2 pin the 9th and spares, then comes light again and leaves another 2 pin and spares and gets 9 for a 214 game and the match is over – Lanser gets up and strikes in the 10th and 11th and gets 9 for a 245 finish and defeats former Champion Hochrein 748 – 700.  Hochrein has a really good tournament but suffers his second loss and finishes in a tie for 5th and 6th place with the loser of the next match and becomes a member of the 700 and lose club.  Lanser finishes strong and will bowl again at 7.

Jason Lanser  748 vs Bob Hochrein  700

Kurt Schmidt   vs   Heath Kohl       Lanes 7&8           6 pm

Schmidt starts the match with a 7-10 split and gets 1 for an open, then rips off a 5 bagger, 7 pin spare and strikes out for 258.  Kohl also opens the first frame – missing the 10 pin, strike, almost leaves a 7-10 split but knocks the 10 put and spares, then goes brooklyn and leaves the 5 pin and spares, a trio of light mixers for strikes, a pair of 10 pin spares, and a turkey for 216.  Down 42 – Kohl starts with a 4 bagger, 2 pin spare, goes light and leaves the 10 pin and spares, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare 3-10 for an open getting 1, another split and gets 2 for 201.  Schmidt goes double, 9 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, 2-4-7 spare, light strike and adds on 2 more for a turkey and adds a 9 spare for 234 and 492 after two.  Schmidt is up 75 pins and starts game 3 with a 7 pin spare, Kohl goes light in the first for a mixer and then a solid shot on the left lane for a strike, Schmidt leaves the 2-7 split and gets 1 and then carries a light mixer, Kohl repeats the first two frames by carrying a light mixer on the right lane and then  a solid shot on the left lane for a 4 bagger, Schmidt leaves a 7 pin  and spares then strikes, Kohl rolls 2 more solid strikes and has made up more than half of the deficit from the first two games, Schmidt trips the 10 out on a light strikes for a double then goes high and leaves the 6-10 and spares, Kohl adds on 2 more solid shots for strikes for 8 in row, at this point if Schmidt strikes out – Kohl would need to strike out to win by 1, Schmidt throws a decent shot but leaves the 7 and misses it, then leaves the 3 pin and spares, Kohl gets a strike in the 9th and then gets the clincher in the 10th, he finishes off his fantastic come from behind win over Schmidt by striking out for a 300 game and a 717 series.  Schmidt finishes up his game by striking and getting 9 for a 182 – 674 series and the former Champion is bumped from the tournament – Schmidt has a great tournament but comes up short.  Kohl does what every bowler dreams of – rolling a perfect game to come from behind and win a match!  Great job Heath – you win the chance to face Jason Lanser at 7 pm – good luck to both!

Kurt Schmidt  674 vs Heath Kohl  717

Heath Kohl   vs   Jason Lanser    Lanes 5&6       7 pm

Here we go with round two – The winner of this match will face Dan Moore at 8 pm.  Kohl starts out game 1 covering the 10 pin then striking, then leaves the 4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2 for another open, almost leaves the 7-10 split but kicks the 10 out then covers the 7 for the spare, turkey, 2-8-10 split for an open getting 2,  then strikes out in the 10th for 191.  Lanser goes strike, misses the 10 pin, leaves the 8-10 (the 2 pin got kicked out) and gets none, misses another 10 pin after a messages fails to knock it over for a strike, then finally has a bit of luck striking by tripping the 2 forward, adds on 4 more for a 5 bagger and then opens the 10th leaving the 3-10 split and gets 1 and he rolls 191 and we are tied after game 1.  Game 2 Lanser goes strike, 7 pin spare, pair of 10 pin spares, turkey, 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare strike and misses the 10 pin for a 215 game and 406 after 2.  Kohl gets a light mixer in the 1st, 4 pin spare, double, 2-8-10 split for an open, then strikes out with the first one in the 10th almost being a 7-10 split but kicks both out for the strike – he finishes with a nice 245 game and 436 after two and a 30 pin lead.  Games 3 Kohl starts out with a light mixer for a strike, Lanser matches with a light strike, then almost leaves the 7-10 split the 7 goes first then a sweeper takes out the 10 for a strike, Kohl hits the pocket and a messenger misses taking out the 10 – he covers the spare, then strikes in the 3rd.  Lanser rocks 2 more strikes for 4 in a row, Kohl strikes in teh 4th then comes in light and leaves the 3 and spares, Lanser carries a light strike and then rocks a solid shot for a 6 bagger, Kohl’s 6th – he stuffs the pocket and leaves a solid 9 and spares, then leaves a 10 pin and misses it, Lanser ends his strike streak with a 7 pin spare, and then goes high and leaves a 4 pin spares, Kohl who is behind now – needs to strike out to have a chance, he leaves another 10 pin and spares then strikes, needing help from Lanser (an open frame) Lanser strikes in the 9th and then leaves the 4 pin and spares then strikes for 248 and the match is over – Kohl finishes his game with a 7-10 split and a 184 game – and 620 series – Lanser has a 248 and 654 for the big come from behind win over Kohl.  Kohl had a great tournament- 4th place finish and a fantastic come from behind match earlier this evening but gets knocked out by Lanser.  Who is one match away from going back to the finals – but he needs to get by lefty Dan Moore.  Will it be an all Lefty finals?  Read on to see who wins

Heath Kohl  620 vs Jason Lanser  654

Jason Lanser   vs  Dan Moore     Lanes 9&10           8 PM

Lanser starts the match with a pocket shot and sends a messenger to take out the 10,   then gets a light mixer for a double – the leaves a solid 9 and spares, strike and another solid 9 for a spare, strike, 2-8- spare, strike, light mixer, strike and a washout and gets 3 for 224.  Moore strikes to start, then leaves the 7 and spares, 2-4-7 for a spare, double, bucket and gets only 2, strike, 7 pin spare, double and 6 pin spare and the lefty shoots 201 and is down 23 pins after waiting a few hours to bowl.  Sometime during game 2 – Moore determined he need to throw 2 different balls, one for the right lane, one for the left lane, Game 2 he continues to do that starting the game with 2 solid strikes, then a light mixer for a strike, solid strike, mixer, 5 more solid pocket shots for a 10 bagger then goes high and leaves the 4-7 and gets 1 for 287 and 488 after 2.  Lanser comes in light his first shot in game 2 and leaves the 2 and spares, then strikes, comes in light and leaves the 8 and spares, solid strike, mixer, solid strike, mixer, strike, leaves the 10 when a message missing taking it out, then misses the spare, then strikes and misses another 10 pin for 226 and 450 after 2 and down 38 pins.  Lanser starts the last game with a 7 pin spare, Moore leaves the 2-4 and spares then gets a light strike, sticking to just one ball for both lanes.  Lanser finally gets a messenger to take out the 10 and strikes, the a solid shot to make it a double, Moore almost leaves the 7-10 but both go and then he rocks a solid pocket shot to make a turkey, Lanser gets a light mixer, and a solid strike for a 4 bagger,  Moore rocks 2 more solid strikes, Lanser leaves the 2-4 and spares then strikes, Moore adds one more solid strike for a 6 bagger then leaves a solid 9 and spares,  Lanser has one hope – strike out and hope Moore opens – twice – He throws 2 solid strikes and waits for Moore who Leaves a 6 pin in the 9th and hooks by it for an open, now he must mark to shut Lanser out – he leaves the 7 pin that the lefty needs to clinch the win – he picks it up and then strikes and shuts Lanser out with a 237 game and a 725 series, Lanser finishes up with a strike and a 10 pin spare for a very nice 257 game and a 707 series and falls short of a bid for a second Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  He is the second bowler tonight to shoot 700 and lose – which goes to show how tough the competition gets the closer to the championship week. Lanser had a great tournament bowled some really tough matches and won most of them – but 2 losses means you are out.  Moore makes this an all lefty finals – not sure if this has ever happened before but I don’t believe its happened in recent years!  Great bowling Dan Moore – you are the 2016 Budweiser Big 10 Losers bracket Winner – you will need to defeat Tyler Kohl twice next week to be the 2016 Champion!  Good Luck to both bowlers!

Dan Moore  725 vs Jason Lanser  707

Well that’s it for this week – Next week the Baker Team tournament starts at 3 pm – a change from prior years.  The Baker Team challenge is a great tournament where 5 bowlers combine to bowl one game where each bowler only throws 2 frames in each game – and then bowl 12 games across the Big 10 Championship lanes – top 4 go head to head in the finals.  If you have not seen this, its a fun event to watch, college and high school teams use this format for their meets and it makes for exciting unpredictable bowling.

Congrats to Dan and good luck to both Dan and Tyler Kohl next week.  Safe travels!