It is the start of the 2017 Budweiser Big 10 Tournament.  The first 32 matches are in the books.  That means 32 bowlers move to the Winners bracket and 32 move to the Losers bracket and the much longer road to the Big 10 finals.  There are some new bowlers, past champions, kids fresh out of High School and yes some senior bowlers too all trying to be the next Big 10 Champion.

We start the tournament a few hours early with a prebowled match.  Since there was no one keeping score on Paper, I do not have what they left.  So for those that are new to the Big 10 Tournament we keep score on paper and track every match so that I know who left what, who missed what and if that key shot to win or lose a game was a tap, a miss or a clutch.  So I usually thank my score keepers at the end but this post we will thank them early – Cody Beck kept all 3 shifts, Steve Beck the first two shifts (bowled and won the third shift), Jerome Lang and Mike Myers helped out the third shift each taking a pair and lastly myself who took 2 pair each shift.  If you are interested in helping out – just let me know.

So here we go…

Jeremy Cook   vs   Bryce Barrett  Lanes 3 – 4

We will start with Cook who goes spare, spare, strike, 8 spare, 5 bagger than splits the 10th for an open and a 222 game.  Barrett starts with 7 split and none, 6 and 3, turkey, 9 spare, double, 8 split and 1 for an open and finishes out with a turkey for a 201 game and down 21 pins.  Game 2 he starts with a 4 bagger, covers a split, another split for an open, double, spare – spare and 7 for 217 and 418 after two games.  Cook goes 4 bagger, 6 spare, 8 spare, strike, split for an open, spare spare and 8 for 208 and 430 after two. Cook has a 12 pin lead after two.  Both bowlers open the first frame of game 3 with Barrett missing a single pin and Cook goes 7 and 2, Barrett then doubles, while Cook splits and gets 3 then strikes, Barrett splits for an open getting none on the second shot for an 8 miss and 63 in the 4th.  Cooke leaves a single pin and spares  then doubles and the match is under 10 pins.  Barrett strikes then a 9 spare through 6 frames. When Barrett strikes and Cook goes 9 spare the match is down to a 4 pin advantage for Cook, both strike in the 8th and now the advantage goes to Barrett, Cook splits in the 9th and Barrett strikes again, when Barrett strikes in the 10th the match is over he finishes the match with a strike and 9 for a 222 finish and the win with a 640, Cook throws a split the last ball and finishes with a 161 and 591.  The match came down to the carry and the last few frames.  Congrats to Barrett for the win, Cook will have to fight his way through the Losers bracket.

Jerome Lang   vs   Heath Kohl   6pm – lanes 9-10

So these guys bowled together in the NEI Scratch doubles and took 2nd in Dyersville last weekend and boom a week later one of them will get dumped into the Losers bracket because they are bowling each other tonight.  Lang starts with a strike, 10 pin spare, strike, 3-9 spare, Brooklyn, 3-4-6-7 split and gets 2, 5 bagger and 8 for a 224 game.  Kohl goes strike, 10 pin spare, 2 pin spare, 3 pin spare, 6-7-10 split and gets 2, strike, 10 pin spare, double, pair of Brooklyn strikes, and finishes with a pocket strike for 214 and down 10, Game 2 he goes strike, 2 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, strike, 6 pin spare, double, 2 pin spare and 7 for a 215 and 429 after 2.  Lang starts game 2 with a 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, 8 pin spare – twice, Brooklyn, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare and a strike for 226 and 450 after two and up 21 pins.  Game 3 Lang starts with a 3 pin spare, Kohl doubles, Lang leaves the 4-10 split for an open and covers the 3-6 spare, Kohl covers the 2 pin and then the 10 pin, Lang misses the 6 pin and Kohl has the lead,  Lang and Kohl each turkey in the 5th – 7th frames, Kohl leaves the 2-4 and covers it – Lang the 2 pin and misses it.  Both strike in the 9th and when Kohl strikes in the 10th he nets the win, Lang does strike and spare to finish his game with a 191 and 641 series, but Kohl rolls a 232 game for a 661 series and the WIN.  Kohl will try again to take the easy route through the tournament and his doubles partner Lang will be taking the long route.   Good luck next week to both!

Jim Leach   vs   Brody Green   7 pm   Lanes 5-6

We move to the 7 pm matches where Leach starts us out with spare, turkey, 9 pin spare, double, 3-10 split for a spare, strike, then a 3-9-10 split for an open for a 215 game.  Green goes 6 bagger, 10 pin spare, strike, 2-8-10 for an open getting 2, turkey for 247 and a 32 pin lead.  Green doubles to start game 2, 6-9-10 spare, 2 pin spare, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, turkey, 7-10 split and gets 1, 7 pin spare, strike for 198.  Leach goes 4 bagger, 7 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, strike 2 pin spare, and 8 for a 236 and 451 after 2.  Green has 445 and we have a 6 match in favor of Leach.  On to game 3……  both guys strike the first frame, Leach leaves the 4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, Green leave the 2-8 and spares, both double, Leach leaves a 7 pin in the 5th and spares, Green goes a little high but strikes for a turkey.  Green then leaves the 4 pin and spares, Leach leaves the 2-8 and gets just 1.  Leach then leaves the bucket and spares, Green carries a light mixer for a strike.  Both strike in the 8th and 9th, Leach doubles and gets 9 in the 10th for 213 and 664, but Green strikes in the 10th to shut him out and then goes on to strike out for a nice 259 – 704 to get his first Big 10 win and a come from behind win!  Congrats to Brody!  Past champion Leach will join the others in the Losers bracket for the long road to the finals to try to repeat as Big 10 Champion – good luck to both!

Adam Gross   vs   Zach Althaus  7 pm   Lanes 7-8

Gross starts us out with an 8 spare, 4 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, double, 6-10 spare, turkey, 9 spare for 226.  Althaus starts with a spare, turkey, 3-9 and gets 1, strike, washout and gets 1, 4 bagger and 8 for 220 and down 6.  Althaus starts game two missing the 10 pin, double, misses another 10 pin, turkeys, covers the bucket, 4 bagger for 223 and 443 after two.  Gross goes 8 pin spare, then leaves a solid 8 and spares, double, 10 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 5 bagger to finish the game for a 238 and 464 after 2 and a 21 pin lead.  Game 3 Gross starts with a spare, Althaus strikes, then covers the 2-8 spare, Gross doubles, then Althaus throws a pair of strikes, Gross leaves the 10 pin and spares in the 4th and then strikes, Althaus strikes in the 5th and 6th for a 4 bagger, Gross goes high in the 6th and leaves the 4-10 split and gets 1 then strikes, Althaus leaves a 10 pin and covers this one and strikes, Gross strikes in the 8th and has a 1 pin advantage going into the last 2 frames.  Althaus gets a strike in the 9th for a double Gross leaves a 9 pin and spares, now advantage to Althaus who then leaves a 6 pin in the 10th and spares and gets 8.  Gross can strike out to win by a pin…. strikes on the first shot but leaves a 4 pin in the 11th and spares for a 206 game and 670 series and loses to Althaus’ 236 – 679.  This was a great match Gross only has one open frame to Althaus’ 4 open frames but Althaus out struck Gross 24 strikes to 20 and it was just enough to make up for the difference in open frames.  Althaus moves on in the Winners Bracket and Gross will take the long road to the finals

Randy Mackey   vs   Kevin Scheffert  7 pm   Lane 9-10

Mackey starts us out with a 4-7-10 split and misses them all, 5 pin spare, 3-6-10 spare, 2-5-7 split and spares, 3-6-10 spare, turkey, 10 pin spare, 1-2-4-8 spare and 9 for a 192.  Scheffert leaves a 10 pin and covers it, 3-6-10 spare, strike, 4-9 split and gets 1, 10 pin spare, strike, 4-7-10 split and gets 1, 10 pin spare, 9 pin spare, strike spare for 170.  Game 2 Scheffert goes strike, 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger, 7 pin spare and a strike for 228 and 398 after 2.  Mackey goes 3-10 split and gets none, 5 bagger, 4-6-7 split and gets 2, 10 pin miss, 2-8 spare, strike and a spare in the 10th for 202 and 394 and down 4 pins.  Game 3 both strike in the first, Mackey leaves a 3 pin and spares, Scheffert adds two more for a turkey then covers the 4-7 for a spare, Mackey strikes the next 5 shots, Scheffert strikes in the 5th – 7th frames and we have a 2 pin match with Scheffert still maintaining the advantage.  In the 8th Scheffert adds another strike, while Mackey leaves the 4 pin and spares, Mackey then misses wide and leaves the 1-2-4 and spares.  Scheffert strikes again and now Mackey needs an open from Scheffert to have a chance, he leaves an 8 pin and spares and strikes and Scheffert finishes him off by striking out for a 278 – 676 set.  Mackey rolls a 235 but was in all the way to the 8th – he finishes with a 629 series.  Great finishing game by Scheffert! He slides to the Winners Bracket side, while newcomer Mackey will take the long road to the finals

Marty Gottschalk   vs   Tyler Riegler    8 pm   Lane 5-6

Marty starts with a Brooklyn and adds 2 more for a turkey, 2-10 split and spares, strike, 4-7 spare, strike, 4 pin spare, 4-7 spare, 1-2-4 spare and 8 for a 211.  Tyler starts with a 1-3-5 spare, 7 pin spare, 3-10 spare, strike, 4-6-7 split and gets 2, double, 3-6-10 spare, double, 3 pin spare for a 201 game and down 10.  Game 2 Tyler has a 6-10 spare, strike, misses a 1o pin, wash out for an open, strike, another wash out for an open, 4 bagger 10 pin spare for a 192 and 393 after two games.  Marty goes 7 pin spare, double, wash out for an open, double, 4 pin spare, double, leaves the Big 4 split and gets 1 in the 10th for a 190 game and a 401 total after two.  Marty has an 8 pin lead going into game 3.  Marty starts with a 2 pin spare, Tyler misses the 4 pin for an open, then leaves the Big 4 and gets just 1.  Marty covers the 4 pin, then goes Brooklyn to strike, Tyler throws a strike in the third , trips a 4 in the 4th for a strikethen strikes in the 5th.  Marty trips out the 9 pin in the 4th for a double then leaves a 4 pin and spares then turkeys to get him to the 8th. Tyler leaves a 10 pin in the 6th and spares, then doubles in the 7th and 8th, Marty who still has the advantage leaves the 6-10 and spares, Tyler strikes in the 9th to give himself a chance.  Marty gets 7 on the first ball and only gets 2 for an open and a 212 game and a 613 series.  Tyler needs a strike for the win and goes high and leaves the 3-6-10 and spares then strikes for a 212 game and a 605 series and loves the match by 8 pins.  Marty Gottschalk survives opening in the 10th frame to move on in the Winners Bracket.  Tyler Riegler had his chance to come from behind and win but too many open frames early in the match makes for a pressure shot in the 10th and he comes up short.

Shawn Timmermann  vs   Dan Kasper   8 pm   Lanes 7-8

Last match of the night 2 handed bowler Timmermann starts with a strike, misses the 10 pin, 3 pin spare, misses another 10 pin, then a 4 bagger, misses a 10 pin in the 9th and then double 7 for a 200.   Kasper starts with a strike, 10 pin spare, 5 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, 2-8 and gets just 1, turkey, 10 pin spare for 214 and a 14 pin lead.  Game two Kasper goes strike, 6 pin spare, 7 bagger tripping a 4 pin forward in the middle of that string, leaves the bucket in the 10th covers it and gets 9 for a 255 and 469 after 2.  Timmermann starts game 2 with an 8 bagger, leaves a 10 pin in the 9th covers it, strike and misses the 4 pin in the 11th for a 268 and 468 after two and he is down just 1 pin despite missing 3 10 pins and the 4 pin in the 11th.  Both guys double to start game 3, Timmermann leaves the 3-10 and covers it then strikes in the 4th and trips the 2 forward for a double.  Kasper tacks on 2 more strikes for an opening 4 bagger and then leaves the 6-10 and spares. Kasper leaves the 10 in the 6th and covers it.  Timmermann comes in light and leaves the bucket and spares then trips the 9 for a strike, Kasper strikes in the 7th and 8th and maintains the advantage, Timmermann strikes in the 8th for a double, then leaves the dreaded 10 pin again and misses it.  Kasper strikes in the 9th and needing just a a few pins to shut Timmermann out – Kasper gets the first strike in the 10th and then leaves the 10 pin and spares for 256 and 725, Timmermann does strike out for 221 and 689.  Even though Timmermann out strikes Kasper 25 -22, Kasper stays clean through the set and Timmermann misses 4  – 10 pins and that is the difference in this match.  Good luck to both bowlers, Kasper will move to the Winners side of the board and Timmermann takes a hard loss with him to the Losers side of the board.

Great bowling tonight!  Next week we have matches at 6, 7 and 8 pm.  At the end of the night we will have 16 left in the Winners Bracket, 32 in the losers bracket and 16 bowlers will take an early exit from the tournament.  Get there early to get a good seat!  Good luck to all next week!