Update to this post

Week 2 is done and 1/4 of the field is out of the tournament.  We have 16 in the Winner’s Bracket and 32 in the Losers bracket.  So after next week 1/2 of the field will be eliminated.  There were some tough loses that eliminated some of the bowlers.  So here we go….

So I missed one match, so I am updating this post and putting the Match first

Jason Robey   vs   Mike Myers   7 PM   Lanes 5-6

This is a Winners Bracket Match, loser remains in the tournament but takes the long road to the finals.  Robey starts game 1 with 3-7 split and takes 1 for an open, turkey, misses the 7 pin for an open, 6-7 split and gets 1, 8 pin spare, strike, 8 pin spare, strike 5 pin spare for 185.  Myers goes 4 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, Big 4 split and gets 2, strike, 10 pin spare and 9 to finish with a 212 and a 27 pin lead.  Game two Myers goes 6-10 split and gets 1, picks up the 3-6-7-10 split, strike, 10 pin spare, double, 6-10 spare, strike, 4-7 spare, double and 8 for a 205 and 417 after 2 games.  Robey starts game 2 with a 6 bagger, leaves a wash out and gets 2, double and misses a 7 pin in the 10 to finish with a 229 and 414 after 2 games – down just 3 pins.  Game 3 both start with a double, Myers opens in the third with a 2-8-10 split getting 2, then leaves the 7 pin and spares, Robey tacks on 3 more strikes for a 5 bagger and the lead.  In the 5th Myers strikes, and adds on two more in the 6th and 7th, Robey leaves and misses another 7 pin, then covers a 5 count wash out for a spare and hangs on to the lead. In the 8th Myers leaves the 4 pin and spares, Robey strikes and adds another to set up the 10th with a double. Myers also strikes in the 9th.  Myers is down 12 in the game but up 14 from the previous two games, so every pin counts for both bowlers.  Myers strikes in the 10th for a double, Robey leaves an 8 pin and spares, Myers strikes again and if he strikes in the 12th he wins, he finishes by leaving the 10 pin, giving Robey a chance to tie the match with a strike…. he misses the pocket and leaves the 2 pin and the match goes to Myers 650 – 649.  Myers helped himself by striking at the end when it was important but picking up all but one of his spares, covering a split, and getting max pins on his other splits (short of picking them up)  Robey actually matched Myers strike count of 20, did a better job of putting together strings of strikes, he even covered a washout.  Missing 3 – 7 pins in the match cost him the win.  It was an exciting match to watch, Myers moves forward in the Winners bracket and Robey is still in the tournament but now needs to work his way through the losers bracket, bowling almost twice the matches to get to the finals.  Good Luck to Both and great bowling!

Jerome Lang   vs   Brett Besler   6 PM  Lanes 5-6

This is a Losers bracket match, winner bowls on and the loser is eliminated.  Lang starts with a double, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, rolls a turkey with one being a Brooklyn, 3-6-9 and gets 2 for an open, 4-9 split and covers it, strike 4 pin spare for 213 to start.  Besler covers the 10 pin to start, 5 bagger, 8-10 split and misses both, 2-4-10 split and gets 2, 2-4-8-10 and gets 3 for a third open in a row, 2 pin spare and 9 for 201.  Game 2 Besler finds his groove starting with 6 solid strikes, tripping the 9 forward for another strike, 2 more solid strikes for the first 9, leaves a light 7 in the 10th spares and strikes for 279.  Lang tries to keep pace with Besler, starts with a turkey, 9 pin spare, 6-10 spare, 4 bagger, 9 pin spare and strike for 246 for a 459 and down 21 to Besler’s 480.  Game 3 Besler starts with a 2-10 split and gets 1 then covers the 10 for a spare then strikes, Lang strings the first 3 strikes and just like that Besler is behind.  Besler leaves teh 3-6-10 and spares, then leaves a light 6 in the pocket and spares.  Lang adds on 2 more strikes.  Besler manages a pair of strikes in the 6th and 7th frames, Lang strikes one more time for a starting 6 bagger then leaves the 4 and spares, then he leaves a washout and gets 3 for an open, Besler picks up the 4-5 spare and with 3 frames to go the match is about 20 pins in Lang’s favor.  Besler covers the 10 pin and Lang leaves the big 4 split and gets 2.  Lang now has a 6 pin cushion going into the 10 frame. Both strike the first ball, Besler leaves the 10 pin and spares and Lang seals the deal by striking two more times for the win 232 – 691 to Besler’s 195 – 675 and Lang has a nice come from behind win to stay in the tournament.  Besler who covered all of his spares – had 4 splits for open frames and struggled to strike the last game after throwing 10 the game before, is now out of the tournament.  Great match by both bowlers!

Chris Pfab  vs   Jon Welu    6 PM   Lanes 7-8

Another Loser’s bracket match, Winner bowls on.  Pfab starts with a 1-3-9 and gets just 1 for an open, strike, 3-10 split for an open getting one, 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, 3-6-9-10 and covers it, strike 2-4-5 and gets 2 for an even 200 game.  Welu goes strike 2-8 spare, strike, 4-10 and misses both for an open, 10 pin spare, double, 9 pin spare, turkey and 9 for 214 and a 14 pin lead after 1 game.   Game 2 Welu leaves the 10 pin and misses it, double, 2-10 and gets none, 4-6-7 and covers 2 on the split, 10 pin spare, double, 7 pin spare, strike 2-10 and gets one for a 180 game and 394 after 2.  Pfab starts with a turkey, 2-4-8 spare,  1-2-4-8 spare, 2 pin spare, 7 pin spare, 2 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 10 pin spare strike for 208 and 408 after two and a 14 pin lead.  Game 3 Pfab covers the 10 pin and the 3-6-10 spare.  Welu strikes and covers the 4 pin, then leaves the 2-4-10 split and gets 2 for an open and strikes in the 4th.  Pfab gets a 4 bagger and adds to his lead through 6.  Welu adds on 2 more strikes to make a turkey.  Pfab leaves a 7 pin and spares and strikes again.  Welu adds strikes in the 7th and 8th and is closing the gap. Pfab leaves the 6-10 and spares and Welu strikes and we are down to what happens in the 10th frame to decide the fate of these two bowlers.  If Welu strikes out its his win, but Pfab still has a chance and he strikes, Welu strikes and leaves the 3 pin and spares for 245, if Pfab strikes he can win but he leaves a big split 3-4-6-7-10 and gets 2 and is 8 pins short of a win with his 223 finish.  Welu nets the win with a big finish the last game 639 – 631 and Pfab takes the early exit – great match!

Chris Watters   vs   Jeremy Cook   6 PM   Lanes 9-10

Watters starts this Losers bracket match with a double, 4-6-7-9 split and gets 2, double, 3-6-10 spare, leaves the bucket and gets only 3 for an open, strike, 1-2-4 spare, turkey for 194 the first game.  Cook goes strike, 3-4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, strike, 10 pin miss, 7 pin spare, 5 bagger, 7 pin spare for a 213 game and a 19 pin lead.  Game 2 Cook goes strike 2-10 split and gets 1, strike, 10 pin miss, 6-10 and gets 1, turkey, 7-10 split and gets 1, 10 pin spare and 7 for a 168 and 381 after two.  Watters goes strike, 1-2-4-7 and gets 2, 2 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, 2-8 spare, strike, 1-2-4 and gets 2 for an open and then covers the 4 and strikes for 181 and 375 after two.  Game 3 Cook has a 5 pin advantage and starts with a turkey, Watters goes strike, misses a 4 pin and another strike and Cook extends his lead.  Cook leaves a 10 pin and covers it, then leaves a 7-10 split and misses both.  Watters strikes in the 4th and 5th, then adds two more in the 6th and 7th for a 5 bagger, Cook covers the 2 pin and then leaves the 2-10 split and gets 1.  Watters has the lead now but opens in the 8th getting 7 and 2 but strikes in the 9th, Cook doubles in the 8th and 9th and we have another match coming down to who finishes best in the 10th.  Watters strikes and when Cook leaves the 10 pin the match is over – Watters finishes with a 222- 597 and Cook has 201 and 582 to fall 15 pins short.  Cook exits early from the tournament and Watters will face Joe Pregler next week and will need to win out to stay in the tournament – Great match again!

Tony Habel   vs   John Biver   7 PM    Lanes 3-4

The last Losers bracket match being reviewed tonight.  Habel will start us out with a 3-6-10 spare, 5 bagger, 10 pin spare, 4-7-10 split and covers 2, strike, 2 pin spare, and 9 for a 224.  Biver goes 4 bagger, 6-7-9-10 split for an open getting 3 and a turkey, 10 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare for 233 and a 9 pin lead.  Game 2 Biver goes double, 7 pin spare, 9 pin spare, strike, 4 pin spare, 9 pin spare, turkey, 3-6 spare for 225 and 458 after two games.  Habel misses a 10 pin, double, 7 pin spare, 4 bagger, 3-10 split and picks it up, 7 pin spare, strike and matches Biver’s 225 game so he is still down 9 pins.  Game 3 Habel starts with a turkey, Biver goes strike, 2-4 spare, 1-2-4 spare and covers the 2-7 split through 4, Habel then misses the 10 pin, leaves the bucket and gets 2 and then leaves the 4-6-7 split and gets 2 more and just like that Biver is back in charge after he doubles in the 5th and 6th.  Habel strikes in the 7th and 8th and Biver leaves the 6-7 split and strikes.  We are again down to who finishes better in the last two frames, Habel strikes to make a turkey, Biver goes light and leaves the 2-5 and spares, Biver then doubles and gets 9 for an even 200 game.  Habel must strike and does then gets an 8 count and spares for the win, 213 game and 662 series, nips Biver by 4 pins as he finishes with a 658 and knocked out of the tournament.  Great bowling!

Stephen Habel  vs  Joe Pregler    8 PM   Lanes 5-6

This is a Winners bracket match, so whoever loses its not the end of the road for this tournament but it does mean your path to championship is much longer.  Habel goes strike, 7 pin spare, 8 bagger, 7 pin spare for a nice 269 game.  Pregler goes 6-10 spare, 3-10 split for a spare, 4 bagger, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 3 for an open, strike, 2 pin spare, strikes out for 222 – nice game but down 47.  Game 2 Pregler goes 3-6-10 spare, misses the 4 pin, 10 pin spare then strikes the final 9 frames for a nice 258 game.  Habel, goes strike, 3-6-10 spare, 4 bagger, 4-6-7-9-10 split and gets 3, 7 pin spare, 4-9 split for an open, strike 6-10 spare for 198 and down 13 after two games. Game 3 Habel starts with a 2-8 spare, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, Pregler goes 10 pin spare, 4-7 spare , then greek church and gets 3 for an open then strikes.  Habel goes 10 pin spare strike, then 4 pin spare and strikes.  Pregler leaves the 2-8 and spares then strikes and Pregler still has the lead.  Both strike in the 7th for doubles.  In the 8th Habel strikes again, Pregler goes high and leaves the 3-6-10 and spares, Both strike in the 9th so advantage Habel and he seals the deal in the 10th when he strikes and Pregler comes in light for a 2-4-10 split for an open – Habel strikes out for 236 – 703 finish, Pregler goes 176 – 656 for the loss.  This was a great back and forth match that Habel takes by being the stronger finisher.  Pregler is still in it – but moves to the Losers side of the board.

Tyler Kohl   vs   Ben Cottrell   8 PM  Lanes 9-10

Kohl – last years champion starts out this match with a turkey, 7 pin spare, 3-6-9 spare, strike, 6 pin spare, 6-8 split for an open getting 1, 4-6-10 split and getting 2 for another open, strike 7-10 split and 1 for a 191 start.  Cottrell goes 6 pin spare, 3-6 and chops it for an open, strike, 7 pin spare strike, 4 pin spare, 7 pin spare, double 3-6 and 1 for 182.  Down 9 Cottrell starts game 2 with a strike, misses his third 3-6 spare, 9 pin spare, strike, 4-6-10 split for an open getting none as he clips his ankle, 4-9 split and gets 1, he salvages his game somewhat by striking in the 7th, 8th and 9th frames then goes 9 spare and 7 for a 177 game and 359 after 2.  Kohl goes strike 7 pin spare, 2-4-7 spare, bucket and spares it, strike, 10 pin spare, 2-7 split and gets 1, strike, covers the washout, 7 pin spare and strike for a 179 but because Cottrell struggled too he picks up 2 more pins to lead by 11.  Game 3 Kohl goes 3-6 spare and strike, Cottrell goes strike 9 pin spare, Kohl strikes for a double and then leaves the 2-4 and gets only 1 for an open, Cottrell rolls 2 strikes, Kohl leaves the 7 and spares the goes tight and leaves the 6 and spares again.  Kohl leaves the bucket and spares then strikes in the 8th, Cottrell trips a 9 pin out for a 5 bagger then packs another to make it 6.  Kohl needs to strike out to have a chance and leaves the 2-4 on a high shot and spares, Cottrell leaves the 8 pin and spares and that does it – Kohl gets a double and 6 in the 10th but its not enough as his 197 / 567 does not net him a win.  Cottrell after struggling for 2 games leaves a 9 in the 10th and spares and gets 9 more for 247 and sends last years champion to the Losers bracket.  Cottrell despite the struggles doesn’t give up and is rewarded for the effort his 606 gives him a nice come from behind win and guarantees he will be bowling at least 2 more weeks!

Well that is it for week 2 – 16 bowlers are out, 16 are in the Winners bracket and next week there will only be 8 left in the Winners bracket and another 16 bowlers will be eliminated.  That means after 3 weeks half the field will be gone.  Good luck to all that remain