Its the third week of the Budweiser Big 10 Tournament and at the end of the night half the field will have been eliminated. There will be 8 bowlers in the Winners Bracket and 24 in the Losers Bracket….  Next week is Hell week as we lovingly call it.  If you survive next week you cash. Tonight all of the Greatest matches came from the 7 pm shift,  the losers of these matches are eliminated from the tournament, so here we go

Randy Mackey  vs  Corey Leach   7 PM     Lanes 11-12

Mackey has a really rough start to start this match, he starts with the 3-4-6-7-9-10 split and gets 4 for an open, then has the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 4, covers the 10 pin, 3-6-10 spare, then finally gets warmed up and has a 6 bagger, finishing with a wash out and getting 3 for 217.  Leach also has a rough start missing the 10 pin, the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 4 for another open, strike, Brooklyn, adds two more pocket strikes for a 4 bagger, 2-4-8-10 split for a open getting 3, turkey, washout to end the game getting 2 for a 204 game and down 13.  Game 2 Leach goes 5 bagger, 2-8 spare, double, 10 pin spare, strike, 1-2-8-10 washout for an open getting 3 for 246 and 450 after 2 games.  Mackey starts game 2 with a 5 bagger, 6 pin spare, strike, 7 pin spare, strike, covers the bucket and gets 6 for 235 and 452 and a 2 pin lead going into game 3.   Game 3 both start with a strike, Mackey goes 2-8 spare and 2-5 spare, Leach tacks on 2 more strikes for a turkey, then leaves a wash out and picks it up then misses the 2 pin.  Mackey throws a turkey to get himself back in the match, Leach strikes in the 6th, Mackey leaves a 4 pin and spares and has a slim lead, Leach strikes on the next two shots, Mackey leaves the 3 pin on a high shot and spares, then leaves the 3-6-10 and spares, Leach strikes in the 9th and takes back the lead, then seals the deal with another strike in the 10th finishing with another split for an open, Mackey leaves a single pin and spares, then strikes for 212 and 664, but Leach holds on with a 239 and 689 finish.  Mackey gets bumped from the tournament, Leach moves on to Hell week next week and will need to win 3 times to move on to the money rounds.

Jerome Lang    vs    Charlie Ties     7 PM    Lanes 9-10

Lang starts game 1 with a strike, 4-9 split and gets none, 4 bagger, 2-8 spae, 10 pin spare, strike, 3-6-10 spare and 9 for a a 212 game.  Ties starts hot with a 4 bagger, 4 pin spare, 10  pin miss, strike, 9 pin spare, 4 bagger for 237 and a 25 pin lead.  Game two Ties goes strike, misses the 10 pin for an open, 6 pin spare, washout and gets 3 for an open, 5 bagger, washout and gets 2 for an open in the 10th for 195 and 432 after 2.  Lang goes 10 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 6-7-10 split and gets none, 5 bagger, Solid 8 pin and spares in the 10th and gets 9 in the 11th for 222 and 434 after 2 and a slim 2 pin lead.  Game 3 both bowlers strike the first 3 frames, Ties adds on one more while Lang leaves the 7-9 split and gets 1, then splits again leaving the 3-10 and gets 1 for back to back opens.  Ties leaves a 10 pin and spares and now has about a 30 pin lead. Lang rolls a brooklyn, Ties strikes also in the 6th,  Lang leaves a 4 pin and spares, Ties strikes again making his lead larger until he splits in the 8th leaving the 4-6-7 and gets 2, Lang strikes and gives himself a chance.  Both leave and cover the 10 pin the 9th.  Lang leaves another 10 pin and spare and strikes for 194, Ties coverts the 2-7 split and gets 7 for 219 and wins the match 628 – 651.  Lang just couldn’t get the key strikes when he needed them and Ties was able to put his strikes in bunches to win the match.  Lang is bumped out of the tournament and Ties will try to win 3 next week to get in the money.

Tucker Riegler   vs   Bobby Petsche     7 PM    Lanes 1-2

Riegler starts with a strike, 3-6 spare, 10 pin miss, strike, 6 p-in spare, picks up a washout, turkey, 2-4 spare, strike for 202 for game 1.  Petsche goes Brooklyn, strike, Brooklyn for a turkey, 3-6-10 and gets 2, 10 pin spare, 3-4-6-7 split for a spare, trips the 4-9 for a spare, 2-4-10 split and gets 2 for an open in the 8th, 6 pin spare, 4 pin spare and 8 for a 186 game.  Down 16 Petsche covers the 10 to start game 2, then picks up a washout, misses the 2 pin, 2-10 split and gets 1, 3-6-10 spare, turkey, 3-6-9-10 and gets 3, 2-10 split for a 166 and 352 after 2 games.  Riegler goes 3-4-6-7 split for a spare, 6-10 spare, washout and gets 2 for an open, misses the 8 pin, covers the 10, 5 bagger and 6 to salvage a 208 game out that messy first half and has 410 after 2 and a 58 pin lead.  Game 3 Riegler strikes, spare, misses the 7 pin to start, Petsche goes Brooklyn, and 2 more pocket strikes for a turkey, then trips the 4-9 out for a strike, then 2 more solid shots for a 6 bagger start and he is back in the match.  Riegler  picks up the 1-2-4-8, covers the 6 pin and strikes and the match is about even.   Riegler throws a 4-6 split and gets 1, Petsche ends his strike streak with a 2-8 spare and takes the lead, then goes light and leaves the 2-4-8-10 split for an open and gets only 1.  Riegler strikes in the 8th and 9th, Petsche strikes in the 9th and now Riegler is back in the lead.  Both strike in the 10th, 11th and when Riegler gets 8 pins he wins the match, Petsche strikes out but is 10 pins short of a very nice comeback.  Petsche finishes 251 – 603 but loses to Rielger’s 203 – 613, Riegler rolls 17 strikes clustering most of them together, picks up a split and a washout to win a nail biter at the end.  Petsche is out 7 open frames really does him in though he did roll 10 strikes the last game it was just not enough to over come the first two games deficit and he Petsche is out.  Riegler will be attempting to run the gamut next week and win 3 matches to get to the money rounds.

Jason Lanser  vs   Justin Lanser    7 PM     Lanes 1-2

And the match that everyone wanted to see was down in the corner, who would end the night with bragging rights for the year.  Since its brothers will use first names on this match.  Jason starts game one with a strike, 4 pin spare, 3-6-10 spare, 4-7 spare, strike, 3-6-10 spare, 10 pin spare, strike, 4 pin spare, turkey for a clean game and 204.  Justin goes strike, 10 pin spare, turkey, 10 pin spare, strike, 7 pin miss, 3-4-7 split and gets 1, gets a messenger to take out the 10 pin in the 10th for a strike, strikes again and gets 7 for a 202 game and down 2 pins.  Game 2 Justin goes 2-8-10 and gets 2 for an open, 3-6-10 spare, 8 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 2-10 split and gets 1, strike, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, 10 pin spare, doubles and spares for a 171 game and 373 after two.  Jason goes 4 bagger, leaves the 6 pin on a cross over shot and spares, 10 pin spare, 4-10 split and gets 1 for an open, double, 9 pin spare and strike for 224 and 428 after 2 and a 55 pin lead over younger brother Justin.  Jason starts game 3 with a double, Justin covers a washout and then picks up a 2 pin, Jason leaves the 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, Justin doesn’t take advantage leaving the 4-6-7 split and gets 2, Both strike in the 4th, Jason goes light again and leaves the 2-7-10 split and gets 2, Justin gets a mixer, both matches strike for the next 3 frames Jason gives him a turkey that is ended by a 4 pin in the 9th and spares, Justin strikes in the 9th and gets the first one in the 10th.  Jason leaves the 10 pin in the 10th and spares and we are down to if Justin can strike in the 11th and he leaves a 4 pin and spares for a 244, Jason strikes his last ball and comes out on top with a 201 game and 629 series to nip Justin by 12 with his 617 series.  Justin did a nice job the last game to try to win this match from his brother Jason, but the second game put him in a hole that was too big to get out of.  Jason knocks Justin out of the tournament and lives on to try to win 3 matches next week.  I am sure for family and friends this was a tough match to watch.

Russ Bolibaugh  vs   Andrew Willems     7 PM    lanes 11-12

Last match of the night,  Bolibaugh starts with a 3-6-10 spare, strike, 2-8 spare, 6 bagger, and opens the 10th with a 2-10 split and gets 1 for a 236 game.  Willems goes 6-10 split for an open getting 1, then gets a 4 bagger, misses the 10 pin, strikes, 4 pin spare, strike, 6-10 spare and 9 for a 205 game and down 31.  Willems starts game 2 with another split – 4-6-7 and gets 2, 10 pin spare, turkey, 6-7 split and gets 1, strike, 10 pin spare, double and a 10 pin and misses it for a 203 game and 408 after 2.  Bolibaugh goes 10 pin spare, 5 bagger, 1-2-4 spare, strike, 10 pin spare, turkey for a 247 game and 483 and a 75 pin lead.  Game 3 both start with single pin spares, Bolibaugh leaves the 3-6-10 and takes 2, Willems strikes, Bolibaugh covers the 9 pin, and then washes out and gets 3 for an open, Willems tacks on 2 more strikes for 3 in a row and cuts the deficit in half,  Bolibaugh rolls a turkey,  but Willems gets a break and carries a Brooklyn, rocks two solid strikes to make a 6 bagger and the deficit is less than 10 pins now and suddenly its a match!  Bolibaugh leaves a 7 pin and spares, Willems ends his strike streak by covering the 10 pin, Bolibaugh leaves the 6 count bucket and spares, Willems comes in light and leaves the 2-4-8-10 and gets 2 for an open, Bolibaugh opens in the 10th with a 2-8-010 split and gets 2, Willems strikes out and gets a 243 game and 651 series, but its not enough as Bolibaugh barely hangs on with a 75 lead to win with a 172 game and 655 series.  The split in the 9th not only hurt Willems because of the open frame but the pin count too, that and a missed 10 pin stops him from having the greatest come from behind win of the season.  Willems exits the tournament just 5 sticks shy of netting the win…. Bolibaugh did a great job of stringing strikes, out of 19 strikes only 2 were not strung together with other strikes to make doubles or more…. 2 less strikes then Willems.  Bolibaugh nets the win and will try to win 3 more times next week to qualify for the money rounds

And that is the end of week 3.  Week 4 will have 3 shifts, with those in the Winners Bracket vying for the top 4 spots.  While those in the Losers Bracket will try to survive Hell Week.  Good Luck to all.

I also wanted to thank my scorekeepers again.  Steve and Cody Beck, Andy Ehrlich and Kyle Wiest.  Without these guys and those that helped in prior weeks there is no way for me to give you the detail of what really happened in the matches.

Good luck to everyone next week.  Some of the matches could get pretty interesting where best friends could be facing each other to see who makes the money rounds!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!