There were a lot of great matches tonight and if you survive tonight you cash.  Special thanks to my helpers this week, Natalie Leach, Justin Lanser, Steve Beck

So lets see how Hell week went…..

Dan Kasper  vs   Jay Lanser    6 pm    Lanes 11-12

This is one of the Winners Bracket matches.  Kasper starts us out with a 10 pin spare,  leaves the 3-9 and misses both, goes high but strikes, covers the 1-2-4-8, strikes, single pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, strike 2-10 split and spares and strikes for 186.  Lanser goes strike, 1-2 and gets 1 of them, covers the 10 pin, double, 2-8 spare, strike, 7 pin spare, strike, covers the bucket in the 10th and gets 9 for 195 and a 9 pin lead.  Lanser starts game 2 with a double, 3-6-10 spare, double, misses the 10 pin, covers the 10 pin, 4 bagger and 8 to end the game with a nice 232 and 427 after 2.  Kasper goes Brooklyn to start game 2, crosses over again and leaves the 5 pin and spares, covers the 10 pin, 6-10 spare, double, 4 pin spare, picks up the bucket, 3-6-10 spare, double and 7  for a 206 and 392 after 2 games and down 35 pins.   Game 3 Kasper starts with a turkey, Lanser goes bucket spare, 10 pin spare, strike. Kasper has picked up half of the deficit by the third frame, in the 4th he covers the 4-7  and then strikes, Lanser picks up the 2 pin and strikes, both strike in the 6th, Lanser leaves the 2-10 and gets none in the 7th while Kasper strikes again.  Lanser then misses the 10 pin in the 8th and Kasper strikes again for a 4 bagger.  Lanser strikes in the 9th and needs to strike out and have Kasper open both the 9th and 10th, but Kasper covers the 10 pin and then then both finish with a double and 6.  Kasper 253 – 645 defeats Lanser’s 198 – 625 to get the nice come from behind win and remains in the Winner’s bracket.  Lanser is still in the tournament and will bowl next week to remain in the tournament.

Tucker Riegler   vs  Kevin Scheffert   6 pm    Lanes  1-2

Riegler starts out with a double, 8 split miss, spare, 4 bagger, 4 split and gets 3 for an open ending with a spare and 8 for an even 200 game.  Scheffert goes strike, back to back splits for opens, spare, misses a single pin, finishes with 7 in a row for a 215 game.  Game 2 Scheffert goes 6 split and gets 2, strike, 4 single pin spares in a row, finishing with a 6 bagger for a 225 game.  Riegler goes double, single pin spare, 9 bagger for 279 and a 39 pin lead.  Game 3, Riegler goes spare – strike, while Scheffert starts with a double then picks up a single pin, Riegler goes spare strike again then splits and misses both.  Scheffert rolls a turkey.  Riegler spares and strikes in the 7th, Scheffert opens the 7th when he misses a single pin and Riegler still has the lead.  Scheffert strikes in the 8th, Riegler picks up a single pin and strikes in the 9th.  Scheffert also strikes in the 9th for a double.  Scheffert has a 1 pin advantage, both strike in the 10th, then again in the 11th, and when Scheffert strikes on his final shot he is the winner by 2 pins as Riegler gets 9.  A great come from behind win that could have gone either way.  Riegler had several frames where he didn’t get any pins on a split, plus the big split in game 1 where he got the big 4 split and got only 3 of the 6 remaining pins on a double.  Scheffert could have made his win a little easier too, as he missed a pair of single pins which would have put another 22 pins on his score.  Scheffert remains in the tournament, Riegler exits the tournament bowling really well – 684, but its not enough.

Jason Lanser vs   Ben Cottrell    7 pm     Lanes 5-6

This will be a quick recap, Lanser rolls a 5 bagger, pair of spares, strike, spare and turkey for 247 and finds he is down in the match by 53 pins….  That because Cottrell bowls his first 300 game in a very high pressure situation.  Game 2 Cottrell starts with a double – making it 14 strikes in a row, spare, strike, spare, turkey, spare, turkey for a 237 game.  Lanser goes spare, double, spare, 4 bagger, spare, turkey for a 248 and picks up 11 pins but is still down 42 pins after two games.  Game 3 Cottrell starts spare and a 5 bagger through 6 frames, Lanser goes strike, 7 and gets 2 and 9 miss then rolls a 5 bagger to get back in the match through 8 frames. Cottrell picks up 3 single pins in a row through the 9th the match is over Lanser splits with a  4 split and 3.  The match ends with Lanser striking out and Cottrell opening the 10th – his only open of the match.  Lanser rolls 27 strikes but is the first bowler this year to shoot 700 and lose – 716 to Cottrell’s 761. Lanser gets bumped from the tournament, Cottrell will bowl at 8 for a chance to be in the money…. Congratulations goes out to Ben Cottrell one of 3 300 games tonight.  The first shift both Kyle Wiest and Tony Habel shot 300 games on the same pair but fortunately for both of them not against each other….  Congrats to all… This was a great match and you can never count Lanser out until it is mathematically not possible!

Kyle Wiest   vs   Greg Klauer    7 pm   Lanes 9-10

Wiest comes off a big win the previous shift, shooting a 300 game and winning by a big margin, now he faces one of his Best Friends in a Loser goes home match.  Wiest goes double, 3-6 spare, strike, 10 pin spare, double, 4 pin spare, 3-6-10 and gets 2, spare and strike in the 10th for 203.  Klauer goes 10 pin miss, double, solid 9 spare, strike, 4 pin spare, 3 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare and 9 for a 205 game and a 2 pin lead.  Game 2 Klauer goes strike, spare, strike , spare, trips the 2-8 forward for a strike, 10 pin spare, strike, missed the 10 pin, strike and missed a 4 pin for a 176.  Wiest goes strike, almost misses the head pin left and leaves the rare 5-6-10 split and gets 1, then leaves the bucket and gets 3 for a second open, strike, 3-6-9 spare, 10 pin spare, 2-8 spare, 10 pin spare, strike spare strike to finish with a 171 game and down 7 pins.  Game 3 Wiest picks up the 3-9-10 split, Klauer misses the 5 pin, then strikes, Wiest goes high and leaves the 4-6-7 split and gets 1, the covers the 6-9-10, Klauer throws the next 2 strikes to net a turkey and maintain the lead.  Wiest counters with a turkey through 6 and when Klauer goes big 4 split and gets 1, Wiest is in the lead.  Klauer does strike in the 6th.  in the 7th both open Wiest leaves the 2-8 and gets only 1, Klauer misses the 10 pin.  Klauer strikes in the 8th, Wiest leaves a 7-10 split and gets 1 and the advantage shifts to Klauer.  Both strike in the 9th, when Klauer leaves the 10 in the 10th Wiest can strike out to win and leaves a solid 9 pin both spare and Klauer earns the win over Wiest 564 – 553 and bumps his friend from the tournament.  Klauer needs to win one more time to cash.

Tony Habel  vs   Steve Beck    7 pm   Lanes  5-6

Habel starts hot the first game with a 6 bagger, spare, open, 4 bagger for a 256 game.  Beck goes strike, pair of spares, open, turkey, spare, turkey and 9 for a 224 game but down 32 pins.  Game 2 Beck goes single pin miss, strike, spare, 7 bagger, single pin spare for 248.  Habel struggles the 2nd game starts with a spare, then splits for an open, 6 and 3, pair of spares, strike, split for an open, turkey and a spare for 181 and goes from 32 up to 35 down just like that.  Game 3 Both spare the first frame, Habel throws the next 4 strikes, Beck goes single pin spare, strike, single pin spare, then 6 and 3 for an open.  Beck strikes in the 6th , Habel picks up a single pin and has the lead.  both leave single pins and spare in the 7th.  Habel doubles while Beck goes spare and strike.  when Habel leaves a 10 pin in the 10th, Beck can still strike out for the win, but he leaves a single pin and then strikes, Habel covers the spare and strikes and nets the win 237 – 674 to Beck’s 182 – 654.  Habel will bowl one more time at 8 pm to see if he can make it to the money round…. Great come from behind for Habel – who shot a 300 game the first shift and finished strong to get the Win – Beck is knocked out of the tournament

Jon Welu   vs  Stephen Habel     7 pm    Lanes 7-8

We move a pair to the right – same shift and watch Tony Habel’s son take on Welu.  Welu goes strike, 3-10 split for a spare, double, 9 pin spare, double, 4 split and gets 3 for an open, double and 10 pin spare for a 206 game.  Habel goes turkey, 5 count wash out and gets 2 for an open, strike, 4-6-10 split and gets 1 for an open, turkey, 10 pin spare, strike for 204 and Habel is down by 2.  Game 2 he goes 4 bagger, 1-2-4 and gets only 2 for an open, 2 pin spare, 2-8 and gets 1, turkey, 2-4 spare for a 231 and 435 after 2.  Welu goes 4 pin spare, strike, 4-6-7 split and ricochets the 4 into the 7 which takes out the 6 for a spare, double, 10 pin spare, 2-4-8 spare, double, 7 pin spare and a strike for a 215 and 421 after 2 and down 14 pins.  Game 3 Welu starts with a strike and a 4 pin spare, Habel Washes out and gets 3 for 7 in the first, then picks up the 7 pin in back to back frames.  Welu doubles, in the 4th Habel leaves the 4-9 split and gets none, then doubles, Welu spares in the 5th, then doubles in the 6th and 7th and the lead is his.  Habel leaves another 2-8 and spares it, Welu covers the 4 in the 8th and Habel leaves another 4-9 split for an open.  Both strike in the 9th, Habel strikes out in the 10th for a 187 and a 622, but Welu needs a mark in the 10th and covers the 7 pin for the win striking on the final ball for a 217 – 638 and a nice come from behind win.  Welu picks up the hard to get 4-6-7 split to help net him the win and a chance and making the money round!  He knocks the younger Habel out of the tournament.

Bo Bertolini   vs   Dan Moore    7 pm   Lanes  7-8

Same pair, same shift, different match, Bertolini goes 6 pin spare, misses the 10 pin, 3-6-9-10 spare, 2-8 spare, turkey, 7 pin spare, strike, 7 spin spare, strike for a 205.  Moore goes strike, 8 pin spare, 4-6-10 split and gets 2 for an open, 5-6-10 split and spares it, 3-9 spare, 8 spare, strike, wash out and gets 2 for an open, strikes then covers the 7 and gets 9 more for a rough 167 start and down 38.  Game 2 he goes strike, 8 pin spare, 2 solid strikes and then trips the 3 forward for a strike to make a turkey, 7 pin spare, 3-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, strike, 9 pin spare,  and turkey in the 10th for a 215 game and 382 after 2.  Bertolini goes 9 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, strike, 4-9 split and gets 1 for an open, 10 pin spare, turkey, and opens in the 10th when he gets the 4-8-10 split and gets 2 for a 193 and 398 and though his lead is cut in half he still has a 16 pin lead.  Both bowlers double the first two frames to start game 3, Bertolini leaves a 2 pin and spares then strikes, Moore adds one more strike then covers the 3 pin and the match is under 1o pins difference.  Bertolini leaves a 4 pin and spares Moore doubles, Bertolini strikes in the 6th and now Moore has a 3 pin lead.  In the 7th Bertolini leaves a 9 pin and spares, Moore the 7 pin and spares, both strike in the 8th, Moore strikes again in the 9th and seems to have the match locked up when Bertolini leaves the 2-8 and spares, Bertolini strikes in the 10th and when Moore leaves the 9 pin and misses it Bertolini can strike for the win, he leaves the 10 pin and now needs to spare for a tie.  He misses the 1o pin for the second time in the match and loses the match by 1 thin pin.   Bertonlini  208- 606 – Moore 225 – 607 for the nice come from behind win and the chance to make the money round if he wins his 8 pm match.  Bertolini makes another nice run in the tournament but falls a couple of pins short of the win.

Bryce Barrett   vs   Dan Moore    8 pm    Lanes 9-10

The last match of the night!  Barrett starts with a 3-4-6-7 split and gets 3, strike, 3 pin spare, 10 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare, 4 bagger and 9 for a 216 game.  Moore goes spare, strike, 7 pin spare, 4-7 and gets 1 for an open, 6-10 spare, turkey, 7 pin spare, strike 7 pin spare and strike for a 196 game.  Down 20 Moore starts game 2 with an 8 pin spare, double, 2-4-7 spare, strike, 4-7-10  and gets 2 for an open, 4 bagger, 6 pin spare for a 224 game and 420 after two.  Barrett goes 2 pin spare, turkey, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, strike, 2-8 spare, strike, 9 pin spare, 6 pin spare and a strike for a 204 and a 420 2 game total and we are tied!  Winner takes all the last game – Loser goes home.  Moore spares the first frame, Barrett leaves the 2-8 and covers only 1 of them for an open, then strikes, trips the 9 for another strike to make a double, Moore goes 4-7 spare, a mixer for a strike, tacking on 2 more for a turkey through 5 frames.  Barrett goes 2-4-8 spare and strike through 5, then goes high but leaves only the 10 pin and spares, Moore opens the 6th leaving the 2-4-7-10 split and gets 3, then strikes in the 7th and 8th.  Barrett strikes in the 7th and 8 also and is down 5 pins.  The match changed in the 9th when Moore leaves the 7 and spares and Barrett crosses over and gets a Brooklyn and now is 5 pin in the lead.  Barrett leaves the 10 pin in the 9th and spares then gets a strike, Moore can strike out to win but leaves another 7 pin and spares and gets 9 for a 209 game and a 629 series.  Barrett sneaks out with the win with a 215 game and 635 series.  Moore is bumped from the tournament and Barrett makes the money round.

Well that is it for another week…. as always matches for next week are on the website.  Everyone will cash that is left.  Great bowling everyone!  Catch you at the lanes next week!  Shifts at 7 pm and 8 pm.  The winners bracket champion will be determined next week.  The winner will get week 6 off while those left in the Losers bracket battle to see who will be in the finals.