Well its time to Crown a Champion in the Winner’s Bracket.  The Loser’s Bracket is bowling too and when the night is done the field is cut in half and we go from 12 bowlers to 6.

So here we go

Ben Cottrell   vs   Mike Myers    7  PM   Lanes 5-6

This is a Loser’s bracket match and so you have to win to stay in.  Cottrell starts us out with a Solid 9 and spares, 2 pin spare, 6-7 split and takes 1 for an open, 4 bagger, 2 pin spare, 3-10 split and spares, 7 pin spare and strikes for 212.  Myers goes 7 bagger , 4 pin spare, dobule and 10 pin spare for a nice 268 game and a 56 pin lead.  Game 2 Myers goes strike, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, 3-10 and takes one for an open, 9 pin spare, 10 pin spare, turkey, leaves a flush 9 pin and spares, strikes and leaves a 2 pin and spares for 195 and 463 after 2.  Cottrell goes light for a strike, 2 pin spare, a mixer for a strike, 4 pin spare, then strikes out (8 bagger) for a 260 game and 472 after and a slim 9 pin lead.  Game 3 of this winner bowls on match Cottrell starts with a double, Myers strikes in the first and covers the 2-7-8 split, then covers the 4 pin and strikes.  Cottrell picks up the 2 pin after coming light and then leaves the 5 count bucket picks it up, Cottrell then covers the 3-6 spare and when Myers leaves a 4 pin on a high pocket shot and picks it up Cottrell hangs on to his lead.  Myers then finishes his two frame turn with a 2-4-8 spare,  Cottrell covers the 10 in the 6th , then leaves the bucket and spares.  Myers strikes in the 7th, then comes in light for a 2-8 and spares, Cottrell strikes in the 8th and leaves a 2 pin in the 9th.  Myers finishes first leaving a 9 pin in the 9th and now he needs a double to force Cottrell to mark and he leaves the 3-6-9-10 and spares and then strikes for a 191 and a 654 finish.  Cottrell needs good count and gets 8 and then 1 to finish with a 185 and a 657 and a 3 pin win over Myers.  Myers who had a great tournament is bumped out and finishes in a tie for 9-12th place with Colton Hedrick, Jay Lanser and Dale Wiederholt.  Cottrell will bowl again at 8 pm to see if he can keep winning and make the finals.

Dennis Pergande  vs   Bryce Barrett     8 pm    Lanes 7-8

Another Loser’s Bracket match – this one starts with Pergande rocking 7 solid shots in the pocket then leaves a 7 pin and spares, then leaves the 6-8 split and takes 1, strikes, then leaves the 2-4-6-7-10 split and gets 4 for a nice 245 start.  Barrett starts with a double, 2-10 split and gets 1, strike, 2 pin spare, 2-8 spare, strike, Brooklyn, and then strikes out the rest of the way for a nice 234 game and won 12.  Game 2 Barrett goes 5 bagger, 1-2-4-8 spare, strike, leaves a rockin 10 pin and spares it, doubles and leaves another 10 pin and spares for 245 and 479 after two.  Pergande leaves the 1-3-9 and spares, turkey, 3 pin spare, Big4 and gets 2 for an open, strike, 7 pin spare, 3-7-9 split and takes just 1 for an open, turkey in the 10th for 198 and 443 after 2.  Pergande starts game 3 with a strike, Barrett goes strike and 2-10 split and takes 1, Pergande doubles on his next turn up for a 3 bagger so far, Barrett Strikes on the right lane again, then light again on the left lane for a 2-8-10 split and takes 2 for an open, Pergande strikes one more time for a 4 bagger then ends it with a 7 pin and spares,  Barrett leaves the 2-4-8 and spares then covers the 10 pin.  Pergande doubles his next turn and he has a solid lead.  Barrett matches on his next turn with strikes in the 7th and 8th.  Pergande strikes in the 8th then leaves a 6  pin in the 9th and spares, Barrett strikes in the 9th and can force Pergande to double in the 10th if he strikes in the 10th – He leaves a 4 pin spares and strikes for a 194 and a 673 series.  Pergande needs just good count now to win and leaves the 8 pin, spares it, then gets 6 more for a 243 game and 686 series and a come from behind win to knock the much younger Barrett out of the tournament.  Barrett had a great tournament but finishes in a tie for 7-8th place.  Pergande will bowl next week to see if he can survive 3 matches to face the winner of tonight’s winners bracket match.

Ben Cottrell   vs   Brody Green    8 PM    Lanes 9-10

Cottrell makes the blog twice in one night!  Let’s see if he survives round two against Green who bowls for Clarke College.  Cottrell starts us out with a 3 pin spare, double, 6-10 spare, 2-8-10 split and takes 2, doubles, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger for a 223 start.  Green goes 4-6 split and gets none, Solid 7 pin (almost leaves the 9 too) spares, 10 pin spare, strike, Trips the 4 forward for another strike, then 4 more strikes in a row with messengers taking out the 10 pin all 4 shots, solid strike in the 11th for an 8 bagger and then 6 for a 253 game and he has a 30 pin lead.  Game 2 Green goes strike, 10 pin spare, strike, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, strike, 2-4-8 spare, strike, High for a 4 pin just getting the 9 out and spares, then strikes out for a 208 and 461 after two.  Cottrell goes 6 pin spare, 4-8 spare, picks up the washout, leaves a solid 9 pin and spare, goes a little high trips the 4 out but leaves the 9 again and spares, high strike, 2 pin spare in back to back frames, then turkeys and gets 9 for a 210 and picks up two pins for a 433 total and down 28 pins.  Cottrell starts game 2 with a 10 pin spare, Green leaves the 2-10 split and gets 1 for an open and then strikes, Cottrell doubles his next turn, Green Matches on his next turn with a strike and light mixer, Cottrell misses wide and leaves the 1-2-4 and spares, then leaves a 4 pin and spares, Green strikes to extend his lead then leaves a 10 pin and spares, Cottrell strikes, then trips the 9 out for a double,  Green goes high and almost leaves the 4-9 but trips the 9 out and spares, then strikes.  Cottrell leaves the 4-8 on a light shot and spares then strikes to keep his hopes alive, Green strikes on his next shot and when he leaves the 2-8-10 and gets 1 he is the winner.  Cottrell strikes out for a 234 and nearly comes back twice in one night but Green holds him off for the 210 – 671 win over Cottrell’s 234 – 667 finish.  Congrats to both of these young bowlers – Cottrell joins Barrett in a tie for 7th and 8th place and Green will bowl on next week to see if he make the finals.

Zach Althaus    vs   Bob Hochrein   8 pm – Championship Match for the Winners Bracket – Lanes  5-6

By getting to this championship match these two bowlers have guaranteed they will finish the tournament in the top 3, now let’s see who will become the winner of the Championship bracket.  Althaus starts with a 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, strikes, 7 pin spare, 9 pin spare, double, 2-8 spare, wash out and gets 3 for an open, 1-2-10 spare, turkey for a 191 game.  Hochrein goes 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare, 7 pin spare, 3-6-9-10 spare, 10 pin spare, 2-10 split for a spare, 10 pin spare, 8-10 split for an open and finally strikes in the 9th and then strikes out in the 10th for a finishing 4 bagger and a 197 game and a 6 pin lead.   Game 2 Hochrein goes double, back to back 7 pin spares, strike, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, double, 2-4-10 and gets 2 to open the 10th frame for a 202 game and 399 after 2 games. Althaus starts game 2 with a Brooklyn then tacks on 2 more solid strikes for a turkey, 6-10 spare, 4-7 spare, Brooklyn, goes left again and leaves the 3-9 and gets 1 then covers the 10 pin, double and 3-10 split and spares it for a 212 game and 403 after 2 and a very slim 4 pin lead.  Game 3 Althaus starts with a 3 pin spare, Hochrein doubles and takes the lead, Althaus leaves the 2-4-8 and takes 2 for an open, then leaves the 1-2-4-8 and gets 3 for another open, Hochrein strikes again then covers the 7 pin, Althaus covers the 3 pin and another single pin for back to back spares, Hochrein strikes, then covers the 3-6-10 spare, Althaus rolls a double, and the Hochrein matches in the 7th and 8th, needing to strike to stay alive Althaus goes high and leaves the 3-6-9-10 and takes 3 for an open, then leaves the 4-6 and opens, Hochrein spares in the 9th and 10th and strikes in the 11th for a 225 game and a 624 series.  Althaus finishes with a strike and spare for a 157 – 560 series.  He gets his first loss of the tournament and will bowl the 8 pm shift next week to see if he can get another shot at Hochrein.  Hochrein earns the week off next week and will attempt to win his 8th Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  He is going to make it tough for whoever challenges him as they will have to beat him TWICE!  Congratulations to Bob – as he would say – its not the score that matters its the W!

Enjoy your week off!

So Zach Althaus will wait for Pergande, Green, Kasper and Kohl to duke it out to see who he faces at 8 pm.  The winner of that 8 pm match wins the right to try to beat Hochrein twice the following week.  Good luck to all and see you at the lanes

Thanks to Steve and Corey Leach for helping keep the score