There are 5 bowlers vying for 1 spot and the chance to take on Bob Hochrein next week in the Finals of the Budweiser Big 10 Championship.  Who out of Pergande, Kohl, Green, Kasper and Althaus will find a way to survive the night

6 PM  –  Lanes 3-4

Dennis Pergande  vs  Heath Kohl

The first game Pergande left 4 single pins, rolled a turkey and a double, his only open was the 2-4-7-8  where he took 3 – his total was a 208.  Kohl rolled 2 doubles and finished with a 5 bagger – he also had an open, the 4-6 split and took 1 for a 242.  Game 2 Pergande rolled a turkey, left a solid 10 and spare, doubled, then left a solid 7 and spared, took the 2 of the 2-4-7 for an open and struck out for a 233.  Kohl went 4 pin spare, Brooklyn and then got back in the pocket and struck out for a 290 game and a 91 pin lead.  Pergande left 3 single pins in the first 4 frames and Kohl was clean and doubled in the 3rd and 4th, and the match was pretty much over Pergande 5 strikes the last 5 frames striking out in the 10th and finished with a 178 and Kohl rolled another double and opened the 8th chopping the 3-6-9-10  for an even 200 and 732 series.  Pergande had another great tournament but falls short in this match.  He finishes tied for 5-6th with the loser of the next match.

6 PM  –  Lanes 9-10

Brody Green   vs   Dan Kasper

Green covers the 4 in the first, 3-10 split for an open, double, big 4 and gets 2, does a ball change and leaves the 1-2-8 and spares then strikes, 3-6-10 and gets 1 , Ball change again and leaves the 4-7 and spares, 6-10 spare and 7 for a 160 game.  Kasper goes strike, 3-6-9-10 and gets 3, 3-10 and gets 1, 10 pin spare, Brooklyn, 6-10 spare, ball change and strikes, 5 pin spare, Brookyn, 6 pin spare and 8 for a 175 and a 15 pin lead.  Game 2 Kasper goes double, big 4 and gets 2 for an open, 10 pin spare, strike, 6-9 spare, Messenger takes out the 3-6-10 for a strike, 3-6 spare, Ball change in the 9th and leaves the 3-6-9-10 and spares, leaves the 1-2 and gets only 1 in the 10th for a 175 and 350 after 2.  Green goes double, 10 pin spare, strike, 3-6-9-10 spare, 7 pin spare, strike, 3-10 split and gets 1 for an open, 10 pin spare, double and 9 to finish  with a 205 and 365 after two and a 15 pin lead.  Green starts game 3 with a 3-10 split and spares, Kasper on his turn goes 2 pin spare, 7 pin spare, Green doubles on his turn, Kasper, strikes, then leaves a flush 10 and spares, Green goes high again and leaves the 3-10 split and spares again, then goes Brooklyn and leaves the 6 pin and spares, Kasper goes strike, 7 pin spare, Green leaves the 4-6-7 and gets 2 for an open and then strikes, Kasper leaves the Greek Church and gets none, then leaves the 6-10 and spares, Green leaves the 2-8 and spares and has doubled his lead, he strikes in the 9th, Kasper strikes in the 9th, 10th and 11th and gets 9 on the fill ball for a 198 finish and a 548.  Green needs to mark to win and goes high leaving the 3-6-10 and covers it, he nets the win with a strike on the fill shot and rolls a 193 game and a 558 for the 10 pin win over Kasper.   Kasper exits with a Tie for 5th and 6th with Pergande and has a great tournament.  Green will face Kohl in the 7 pm match to see who will win and Face Althaus for the final match of the night

7 PM   –  Lanes   5-6

Heath Kohl   vs   Brody Green

Kohl starts us off by missing a 6 pin, covering the 6-10 spare, turkey, 6-10 spare, trips the 4 for a strike, adds another for a double, 10 pin miss, trips the 4-7 for a strike and tacks on 2 more for a turkey in the 10th and a 214 game.  Green goes strike, 7 pin spare, strike, 2 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 4-9 split and gets 1 for an open, double, 1-2 spare and strike to finish game 1 with a 195 and down 19.  Game 2 Green goes strike, solid 9 spare, strike, washout and gets 2, double, 4 pin spare, strike, 4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, trips the 4 for a strike, then leaves a 4 and spares for a 183 and 378 after 2 games.  Kohl goes turkey to start game 2, 3-6-7 split and gets 1, 1-2-4 spare, strike, 7-10 split and gets 1, goes Brooklyn and leaves the 10 pin and spares, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2 for an open, strike and spare for a 175 game and 389 after 2 and an 11 pin lead.  Kohl starts game 3 with a 6-9-10 spare, Green leaves the 4 pin and spares then strikes, Kohl strikes then leaves the 6-7-10 split and gets 2 for an open, Green leaves the 2-8 and spares then covers the 4 pin and the match is tied, Kohl leaves a 7 pin and spares, then leaves the 3-10 split and gets 1 for an open,  Green trips out the 4 for a strike, then a mixer for a double, Kohl leaves a 5 pin and spare, then crosses over again and leaves the 6 and spares, Green strikes one more time for a turkey and a bigger lead, then covers the 6-10, Kohl washes out in th e8th and gets 2, then strikes, Green strikes in the 9th and 10th and the match is over he finishes by leaving the 10 pin and missing it for a 225 and a 603 series, Kohl spares and gets 7 for a 157 and a 546.  Kohl has another great tournament and finishes in 4th but can’t quite find a good line and falls short of the final match.  Green who keeps finding a way to win will face Althaus to see who will face Hochrein in the final next week.

8 PM  – Lanes 7-8

Brody Green   vs   Zach Althaus

Each match moves to a fresh pair tonight and the final match of the night is on 7-8.  Green goes 7 pin spare, 9 strikes, 3-6-10 spare for a very nice 277 game.  Althaus after waiting 2 shifts finally gets to throw and starts with a trip 9 for a strike, 3-6-9-10 spare, misses the 6 pin, 6-10 spare, 3 solid strikes, trips the 4 for another in the 8th and trips out the 4-7-9 for another strike in the 9th then tacks on 3 more for an 8 bagger and a 248 game but finds himself down 29 pins.  Green has a rough start to game 2 leaving the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 2, then a 5 count wash out and gets 4, turkey, 6 pin on a Brooklyn shot and spares, double, another 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 3 for an open, light and leaves the 2 and spares then strikes for a 193 and 460 after 2.  Althaus covers the 3-6-10 in the first, then the 9 on a high pocket shot, strikes, solid 9 spare, 4-9 split and spares, double, 3-4-6-7 split and spares it, then doubles and goes light and leaves the 2 and spares for a 212 game and he also has 460 after two games and we are ALL TIED UP.  Green is up first and strikes, Althaus goes 2-8 spare and strikes, Green gets a light mixer and then a solid shot for a turkey, Althaus rolls two more strikes for a turkey, Green goes high and leaves the 6-7-10 split and gets 1 and goes from being in the lead to behind in one shot, he does throw a solid shot in the 5th to get back on track, Althaus leaves the 2-8 and spares in the 5th and strikes in the 6th.    Green rocks the pocket 2 more times for a turkey, Althaus throws a solid strike in the 7th and then leaves the 10 pin and misses it, Green trips out the 2-8 on a light shot and comes away with a strike and the lead, he then shoots a messenger to take out the 10 for a 5 bagger going into the 10th.  Althaus strikes in the 9th , but leaves a 3-6-7-10 split and misses them all.  The match was over before that shot he ends the game with a 197 and a 657 series and finishes his last two matches with a loss, and ends the night in 3rd place. Green bowls his way to the finals in his first Big 10 tournament adding on 2 more strikes and a 9 for a 262 and a 722 series.  Congratulation to Zach Althaus for a great Big 10 Tournament his only two losses are to the two bowlers in the finals!  Green bowled good enough to survive the first two matches and came up big in the end with a 7 bagger to earn the right to face 7 time champion Bob Hochrein in the finals of the Budweiser Big 10 Tournament.  Congratulations Brody Green!

Stop down early next week and watch the Baker Team tourament which kicks off at 3 pm and then the finals start at 7 pm, If Green can win the first match against Hochrein there will be a Winner takes All match at 8 PM.  Good Luck to Both Bowlers!

See you all at the lanes next week!  Should be a great finals.