We’re Baaack!

Yep it’s that time of the year again, time to watch or participate in the 2018 Budweiser Big 10 Championship Tournament.  64 Bowlers competing to be the Last Man standing, who do you think will win.

So here we go, another season has started, we have rookies, past champions and those giving it a go for another year.  Let’s get it started…..

Heath Kohl   vs   John Biver    Lanes 3&4    7 PM

Kohl has a rough start to game 1, 10 pin miss, spare, 10 pin miss, strike, split for an open, Solid 8 pin spare, 10 pin spare (finally), turkey and 10 pin spare for a 183.  Biver goes 3-6-10 spare, 4 pin spare, double, 3 pin spare, 2-5 spare, turkey and finishes game 1 with spare and strike for 224 and a 41 pin lead. Biver starts game 2 with 6-10 and chops it for an open, strike, 9 pin spare, 7-10 split, 6 bagger, 3 pin spare for another 224 and 448 after 2.  Kohl starts game 2 with a 4 bagger, 2 pin spare, turkey, 3-6-10 spare, 2-8 spare, and 9  for a 243 game and 426 after 2, but down 22 pins going into the last game. Kohl starts game 3 with a 3-6-10 spare, 4 pin spare and a 4-7 spare, Biver rolls a turkey, then a 4 pin spare, Kohl leaves the 9 pin and spares and is now 40 pins down.  He strikes in the 5th and 6th, Biver chops the 3-6-9-10 for an open, then strikes, Kohl adds two more strikes for a 4 bagger, Biver covers the 3-6 and the 10 pin.  Kohl covers the 7 pin in the 9th, Biver covers the 4 pin.  The match is down to 1 pin separating both bowlers with Kohl having the advantage going into the 10th…. Kohl going first he leaves the 3-6-9-10 and spares, with the loss of pin count now advantage Biver.  Biver leaves the 2-5-8 and spares.  Now we are tied.  Kohl rolls first and gets 8, finishing with a 219 and a 645 series, Biver needs 8 to tie and 9 for the win…..  he gets 8 and we have the first roll-off of the year on the first shift of the year.  2 frames 9/10th frame roll off.  Heath strikes on his first shot, Biver comes up light for a 2 pin and spares, Biver then leaves a split in the next frame and when Kohl strikes the match is over and Heath Kohl wins the roll-off.  Biver is bumped to the losers bracket with a tough loss.  Kohl escapes with the win after a rough start but finishes strong in the match and the roll-off to net the win. What a way to start the season….

Phill Breitbach   vs   Tony Hingtgen     Lanes 7&8    7 pm

Phill starts game 1 with a strike, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger, back to back single pin spares, turkey and 9 miss for a 247 start.  Tony goes double, wash out and gets 2 for an open, double, 10 pin spare, turkey, 8 pin spare and strike for 220 and down 27 pins.  Tony starts game 2 with a 10 pin miss, back to back 10 pin spares, 2 pin spare, turkey, 9 spare, 4 bagger for 226 and 446 after 2.   Phill goes strike, 1o pin miss, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, strike, 4 split and gets 4, strike, 3-6-7 split and gets 2, double, 8 and 1 in the 11th for a 168 415 after 2 and now he is down 31 pins.  Game 3 Phill starts with a pair of spares, Tony goes strike, spare, strike, Phill gets a strike in the 3rd and covers the 3-6-9-10 in the 4th, Tony opens the 4th with a 6-9-10 and gets only 2, then he doubles, Phill rolls 3 strikes in a row and the match is even, Tony leaves the 4-7 and spares and Phill strikes and takes the lead.  Tony leaves the 2 pin and spares and Phill strikes again.  Tony strikes out for 205 and 651 and loses when Phill carries a brooklyn in the 10th and the finishes by striking out, rolling 8 strikes in a row to come from behind and shoot a 259 and 674 series to get the win.  Congrats to Breitbach on the nice come from behind win!  Hingtgen finds himself on the left side of the board and to win the tournament he has to win out.

Bob Hochrein   vs   Colton Hedrick      Lanes 7&8    7 pm

The second match on 7&8 and we have another good one.  Hochrein goes strike, 3-6 spare, strike,3-4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, strike, 10 pin spare, strike, 4 pin spare, 4 pin spare,7-10 split and gets 1 for a 172.  Hedrick goes double, 3 single pin spares in a row, then misses the 10, strike, 2-8 spare, 2 pin spare, and strikes out for 204 and a 32 pin lead over last years champion.  Hedrick starts game 2 with a turkey, picks up a wash out, 10 pin miss, split for an open, strike, 2-5-8 and gets only 2,  leaves the 4-5 split and gets 1 and strikes out for 180 for 384 after 2.  Hochrein goes strike, 1o pin spare, 5 bagger, 4-10 split and gets 1, misses the 10 pin, strike and 7 split and gets 2 to finish with a 214 game and 386 and a 2 pin lead.  Game 3 the lead switch to Hedrick after Hochrein leaves the 3-4-6-7 split and gets 2, while Hedrick strikes, then covers the 9 pin, Hochrein gets 5 strikes in a row through the 6th frame, Hedrick does the same rolls a 5 bagger through the 7th frame to keep a lead over Hochrein who leaves a 7 pin in the 7th and spares then strikes in the 8th.  Hedrick leaves the 3-10 split and picks it up.  Hochrein can take the lead with a strike for a double, but comes in light for a 2-8-10 split and misses all of them, Hedrick is in the lead but leaves the 2-4-10 split and looks to have given Hochrein and opening to come back and win.  Hedrick picks up his second split in a row and then strikes in the 10th, Hochrein leaves the 2-4-8 and gets only 2 and the match is over Hedrick finishes with a strike and 7 for 242 and 626.  Hochrein had 3 opens the last game for a 204 finish and a 590 series and finds himself on the wrong side of the board for the rest of the tournament.  Congrats to Hedrick as picks up 2 splits to control the match and get a big win over last years Champion .

Cole Feltes   vs   Wes Hartford        Lanes 9-10     7 pm

This is a Match of two rookies to the big 10 tournament.  Sometimes its not how good you bowl, but that you win.  Feltes the first game had 3 opens and a bad count on a spare and double to get 161 in game 1, Game 2 he did much better 2 doubles and a clean game for 214 and 375 after 2.  Hartford had 2 doubles in game 1 and 2 opens for 186, game 2 he started with an open got a double in the middle and finished with 2 opens for a 172 game 358 after 2.  Game 3 saw Feltes get an open early in the 2nd frame, then back to back opens in the 6th and 7th, Hartford started with back to back opens but struck from the 5th – 9th to take the lead, Feltes strikes in the 9th, but when Hartford spares in the 10th the match is over and he nets the win with a 208 566 win over Feltes’ 526.  Congrats to Hartford for his first big 10 win.  Feltes came close and he will have another chance next week to stay in the tournament.

Ricky Garner   vs   Matt Gantenbein     Lanes  5&6     7 pm

Garner starts the match with an open missing the 7 pin, then covers the 10 and then the 7, strike, 4 pin spare, 5 bagger and leaves a solid 8 and spares for 227.  Gantenbein starts hot with the first 7 strikes, then leaves the 4-6-7 for an open, strikes again, 10 pin spare and 9 for 244 and a 17 pin lead, game 2 Gantenbein picks up the 4 pin, 3-6-7 split for a spare, double, 6-7-10 for an open, turkey, 2-5 and gets 1 for another open, 10 pin spare and 8 for a 194 game and 638 after 2.  Garner is hot the second game starts with a 6 bagger, back to back splits for opens, spare strike spare to end game 2 with a 225 and 452 and a 14 pin lead going into the last game.  Garner starts game 2 with an 8-10 split for an open, then doubles, Gantenbein trips the 2 pin forward for a strike, then covers the 4 pin, then doubles through 4, Garner leaves a 10 pin in the 4th and spares, then picks up the 9 pin and the covers the 10 again and strikes in the 7th.  Gantenbein picks up the 10 pin, strikes , covers another 10 pin. Garner leaves a solid 9 after a strike and then spares, Gantenbein get a light mixer for a strike, then rolls a solid shot in the 9th for a double.  Garner leaves the Greek Church in the 9th and gets 3 for an open, then doubles and gets 6 in the 10th for 185 and 637.  Gantenbein needs just good count in the 10th to win after Garner opens the 9th, he gets a strike and spare for a 228 and 666 series and a nice come from behind win.  Garner threw well the last game accept for the two splits which cost him the match.  He will also have to take the long road to the championship.  Gantenbein rolled 20 strikes and had 3 opens and was clean the last game to net him the win- Congratulations!

Steve Biver   vs   Corey Schultz      Lanes 1&2     8 pm

Biver starts our first 8 pm match with a turkey spare, strike 10 pin miss, 4 bagger 8 spare for a nice 234 game in his first Big 10 match, Schultz  goes strike, 10 pin miss, brooklyn, 5 pin spare, 4 pin spare, brooklyn, 5-9 spare and finishes with a 5 bagger for 217 and down 17.   Game 2 Schultz goes strike, spare, sends a messenger to get the 1o for a strike, misses the 10, covers a washout, picks up the 2-5 and then strikes out, carrying a brooklyn in the 11th for a 226 and a 443 2 game total.  Biver goes strike, 2-5-8 and chops it and gets 2, 7 pin spare, double, 9 pin spare, 7 pin spare, strike, 2-8-10 for an open, then misses the 10 for a 173 game and 407 after 2.  Down 36 pins Biver covers the 7 pin the first and strikes, Schultz strikes and leaves a pocket split and misses both, Biver covers the 2-10 split for a spare, then strikes, Schultz leaves the 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2, then doubles, Biver covers the 10 pin and then strikes.  Schultz misses the 10 pin in the 6th then strikes in the 7th.  Biver gets a high strike, then rolls a good shot for a turkey, Schultz leaves a flush 7 in the 8th and spares, then a high flush 9 pin for a spare in the 9th.  Biver misses the 10 pin in the 9th, then covers the 10 pin the 10th and strikes for a 207.  Schultz needs a double to win, gets a brooklyn in the 10th and goes high and leave the 6-10 and spares to lose by 1 pin.  Biver survives his first Big 10 scare and almost gives this one away in the 9th frame nets the win and will face Greg Klauer next week.  Schultz misses a few spares but more importantly missed important count on pins for two splits that cost him the match.  Good luck to both next week, remember every pin you can get is important.

Zach Althaus   vs   Steve Breitbach Jr.      Lanes  9&10     8 pm

Zach starts game 1 with a double, 10 pin spare, strike, 5-8 spare, 6 bagger and 6 for a 255 game.  Steve goes 3-9 spare, 10 pin spare, 1-3-4-6-7 split and gets 2 for an open, 4 bagger, 4-7 spare, 7 pin spare, 2-4-7 spare and 9 for a 204 and down 51 pins.  Game two Steve starts with a 5 bagger, 7 pin spare, double, 3 pin spare, leaves the 7 pin in the 10th and misses it for 236 and 440 after 2.  Zach starts game 2 with the 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 3, strike, 4 pin spare, 3-6-8-10 spare, 6 bagger and 7 spare to net a 231 and a 486 after 2 games and a 46 pin lead.  Game 3 both bowlers start with turkeys, Zach spoiled his with a 4-6-7-9-10 split and gets 3, Steve Leaves back to back 7 pins and misses both.  Zach covers the 5 pin, then covers the 4-7.  Steve leaves the 10 and picks this up, then strikes.  Zach leaves another 5 pin and spares then strikes, Steve tacks on 2 strikes for a bagger going into the 10th.  When Zach leaves the 10 pin and spares in the 9th, he gives Steve a chance at a win, Steve doubles in the 10th to finish with a 5 bagger then adds on 8 more for a 234 and 674 series, Zach needs a mark and gets a strike to get the win – he keeps the second ball on the deck getting 9 and a spare and he finishes with 198 and 684 and nets a 10 pin win over Steve.  Zach had 3 opens – 3 big splits to net the win.  Steve had 4 opens, 1 washout and 3 single pin misses all 7 pins which cost him the win.  This was the last great match of the night Congrats to Zach Althaus for netting the win, good luck to Steve Breitbach Jr and the other 31 bowlers that lost their first match this week.

Thanks to Steve BeckKyle Wiest, Alecia Lanser, Greg Feltes, Casey Hedrick and John Biver for helping out with the Scorekeeping this week. As always with out their assistance I can not give you all the details on the best of the matches!

Well that is it for this week.  Next week 1/4 of the field will exit the tournament at the end of the night.   There was a great crowd there this week, new bowlers bring new fans, which makes for a loud fun crowd.

Good luck to all next week!