Elimination Week, the first one of the season.  1/4 of the field will exit the tournament early.  There were so many good close matches this week, I will be typing in shifts to get most of these reviewed.  So stay tuned I will review the first 4 of 10 matches tonight these are all from the 6 pm Squad.

Bobby Geoerdt   vs    Jeremy Cook        Lanes 7 & 8     6 PM

Goerdt starts the night picking up the 3-10 split, double, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2, strike, 8-10 split and gets 1, pair of single pin spares, strike 10 pin spare strike for 179.   Cook leaves the 2-5 and chops itm, strings a 7 bagger with a brooklyn in the middle, split in the 9th for an open, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2 for another open and with 7 strikes and no spares shoots a 224.  Game 2 Cook goes strike, 3-10 spare, 2-8-10 for an open getting 2, turkey, 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare, double and picks up the bucket for 211 and 435 after 2.  Goerdt goes strike 10 pin spare, double, 10 pin spare, turkey, washout and gets 3 for an open, 2-8 spare and 7 for 207 and 386 after 2 and down 49 pins.  Goerdt leaves the 6-9 and gets 1 for an open, then covers the 7 pin, Cook picks up a washout then gets a light mixer for a strike, Goerdt doubles, Cook goes 10 pin spare and strike, Goerdt trips the 2 pin for a strike and the rolls a solid shot to make a 4 bagger, Cook picks up the 4-7, then leaves the Big 4 and gets 2 and the match is within 10 pins with Cook still hanging on to the lead.  Goerdt leaves a 10 and spares then leaves a washout and opens getting 3.  Cookpicks up back to back 10s to keep his lead.  Both strike in the 9th, Goerdt doubles in the 10th and gets 9 to finish with a 222 and forces Cook to mark.  Cook comes in light and leaves a 2 pin and covers it up he gets 5 on the fill shot to win the match by 5 pins finishing with a 178 and 613 series, to hang on to the win and stay in the tournament.  Congrats!  Goerdt almost gets a great come from behind victory falling just 5 pins short.  Unfortunately for all of the 6 pm matches the loser exits the tournament.  Great job of pushing til the end but Goerdt is done.

Tony Hingtgen   vs   Jerome Lang       Lanes 5 & 6      6 PM

Hingtgen starts us out with a 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, strike, 3-6-10 spare, 10 pin spare, double, Big 4 and gets 1 for a 231 game.  Lang goes strike, 4 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 4-10 split and gets 1,  2-8-10 split and gets 1, 5 bagger 10 pin spare for 213.  Game 2 Lang goes strike spare, 5 bagger, misses a 10 pin, turkey and 9 for a 246 game and 459 after 2.  Hingtgen goes strike, 2 spares, strike, trips the 2-8 forward for a double, covers the 10, Washes out and gets 4 for an open, 10 pin spare, double and 10 pin spare for 201 and 432 after 2.  Hingtgen is down 27.  Game 3 Hingtgen goes strike, 4-7 spare to start, Lang doubles, Hingtgen trips a 4 for a strike, then throws a solid shot for a strike, Lang leaves the 3-6-10 and spares, Big 4 and gets 2 for an open, Hingtgen rolls 2 more solid shots for strikes, Lang goes strike, 10 pin spare, Hingtgen has just taken the lead and leaves the Big 4 and gets 2, then strikes, Lang strikes in the 7th and 8th and has about a 10 pin lead.  Hingtgen strikes in the 9th for a double, Lang follows up his 2 strikes with a light strike for a turkey.  Hingtgen strikes in the 10th and Lang leaves a 4 pin and spares, Hingtgen needs a strike for the win and leaves the 4-7 and spares for 230 and 662, Lang needs good count and gets 9 for the win, rolling a 209 668  to win by 6.  This was a great match in that both bowlers did what they could with the frames where they split or washed out.  Taking max pins on bad shots put both in a good place to win the match.  Unfortunately for Hingtgen its his second loss and he also exits early.

Luke Althaus    vs   Cory Deutmeyer    Lanes  1 & 2      6 PM

Luke starts out with a 2 pin spare, 2-8-10 split and gets 2, strike, 4 pin spare, double, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 again, strike, bucket and gets 3, strike 10 pin miss for 168.  Cory starts with a 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, strike, 5-9 spare, strike, 9 pin spare, 7 pin spare and strike for a 228 and a 60 pin lead.  Game 2 Cory goes 10 pin spare, strike, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 3, 2-4-10 split and gets 1, double, 2 pin spare, 9 pin and misses it, strikes, 2-8 spare and 9 for 172 and 400 after 2.  Luke goes turkey, 2-8 spare, 10 pin miss, turkey, 7-10 split and 1, 2-8-10 split and gets 2 for a 201 and 369 after 2 – down 31 and cuts his deficit in half.  Game 3 both start with a turkey, Luke leaves the bucket and spares in the 4th, Cory leaves the 3-6-10 and gets 2 for an open, Luke leaves the 2-4 and misses both for an open, Cory covers the 10 pin, Lukes strikes the next two frames, Cory misses the 10 pin , the covers the 6, Luke tacks on 2 more strikes for a 4 bagger, Cory covers the 2 pin and strikes and Luke is in the lead.  Both strike in the 10th, so it comes down to the shot in the 11th, Luke leaves the 7-10 split and misses both, if Cory strikes he wins, but leaves a 5 pin and spares.  Luke Althaus comes back from 60 down to win the match with a 238 607 finish, Cory Deutmeyer comes up just short, both bowlers had some key open frames later in the match that could have made this swing one way or the other.  Althaus strung more strikes in the end to net the Win – Congrats!  Deutmeyer is the third bowler this shift to come up short by 6 pins or less and exits the tournament.

Terry Cottrell    vs    Charlie Ties     Lane  9 & 10     6 PM

Past Champion Cottrell starts the first game strike, back to back 4 pin spares, strike, 10 pin spare, 4 pin spare, misses the 10, doubles and ends the game with a 4-6-7 split and gets 2 for 181.  Ties goes 4 bagger, 2-8-10 split and gets 2, then 3-6-9-10 and gets none, double, 4 pin spare, turkey for 220.  Game 2 strike, 2-8-10 split and gets 2, strike, 10 pin spare, strike, 2-10 split and gets 1, misses the 10 pin, strike, 10 pin spare, 8-10 split and gets 1 for 152 and 372 after 2.   Cottrell goes 7 pin spare, strike, 4-6-7 split and gets 2, double, 7 pin spare, strike, 2-8 spare, 2 pin spare, 4 pin spare and strike for 195 and 376 after 2 and up by 4.  Both start with a strike the 3rd game, Cottrell doubles his up, Ties leaves the 3 and spares, then rolls a turkey, Cottrell goes 10 pin spare, strike, 2-8 spare and Ties is back in the lead. Cottrell strikes in the 6th, Ties the 2-8 spare, then leaves the 4-7-10 split and gets 2, Cottrell leaves the 4-7 and spares then covers the 2 pin and gets the lead back when Ties misses 6-10 split completely, Ties covers the 7 in the 9th, Cottrell strikes, Ties doubles and gets 9 to finish with a 201 game and 573 series.  Cottrell needs 9 spare to win and gets a strike and the match is his.  He finishes by picking up the 10 pin and getting 217 and 593 to win by 20 and stay in the tournament.  Ties has been a tough competitor over the years but is bumped early this year with just too many open frames to come up with the win.  Cottrell was tough after the 3rd frame of the 2nd game, staying clean the rest of the night to get the Win.

Shout out to Kody Klein who smashed the pins tonight – rolling 30 strikes, 2 splits for opens, 3 spares for a nice 245-256-278 = 779 series

Riley Smith   vs   Cory Schultz       Lanes 7 & 8      7 pm

Smith starts with a 6 pin spare, strike, 6 pin spare, strike, 6 pin spare, 5 bagger, 3-6-7-9 split and 3 for 235.  Schultz goes strike 4 pin spare, strike, 10 pin spare, 2-8 spare, 4 pin spare, strike, misses the 7 , 3-6-10 spare and leaves the bucket and gets 2 for a 171.  2nd game he goes 4 pin spare, 4 bagger, 2 pin spare, and strikes out for 269 and 440 after 2.  Smith goes double, 6-10 and gets 1, strike, 7 pin spare, 3-6-9-10 and gets 3, 3-6-7-9 split for 3, turkey 9 spare for 188 and 423 after 2 and down 17 pins.  Both start game 3 with a strike, Schultz strikes again, Smith washes out but spares, then chops the 2-4-7-8 for an open.  Schultz almost leaves the 7-10 but kicks out the 10 and covers the spare, then a 2-5 spare.  Smith goes 3 pin spare and turkey through 7 frames.  Schultz doubles, 9 pin spare, and has increased his lead by 10 pins.  Smith covers the 10 in the 8th, Schultz leaves the 2-8-10 split and gets 2 then strikes, Smith strikes in the 9th and 10th and Schultz leaves the 2-4-7-8 and spares, now if Smith strikes he can win, Schultz gets 9 and a 201 game and 641 series, Smith gets 9 and the match over his 211 and 634 falls 7 pins short of a win and is bumped from the tournament. Schultz’s big second game is enough  to net him the win tonight!

Ben Cottrell    vs    Chris Pfab      Lanes 5 & 6      7 pm

Cottrell starts with a strike, Greek Church and gets 3, double, 9 pin spare, 6 pin spare, 4 pin spare, turkey, 4 pin spare for a 212.  Pfab goes double, 10 pin miss, 4-6-7 split and 2 ,turkey, 2-8 spare, Brooklyn, then two more strikes and 9 for a 223 and a 11 pin lead.  Game 2 he goes double, 9 pin spare, 6 bagger and ends the game with a 4-9 split and gets 1 for an open and 245 for 468 after 2.  Cottrell  starts with 4 spares, 6 bagger and a 9 pin spare for a 244 and 456 down 12 now.  Game 3 both start with a strike, Pfab strikes in the 2nd, 2-8-10 and gets 2 for an open, Cottrell leaves the 3–10 and gets none then carries a light mixer, then a 2 pin spare, and 5 pin spare through 5.  Pfab misses a 10 pin and the strikes and then picks up the 10.  Cottrell does the same and then carries a light strike and gets a Brooklyn, Pfab strikes then leaves the 3-6 and gets 1, Cottrell is now in the lead.  Both leave the 10 pin in the 9th, Pfab gets his, Cottrell misses his, now the match is down to about 5 pins with Pfab back in the lead.  Both strike in the 10th, Pfab leaves a 4 pin and covers it, Cottrell needs a strike for the win but gets 9 and the match is over his 178 – 634 falls 6 pins short of a win.  Pfab rolls a 172 -640 and does just enough the last game to net the win.  He remains in the tournament on the long road to the championship and Cottrell is bumped early.

Justin Lanser   vs   Keith McDermott      Lanes 1 & 2    7 pm

Lanser starts with a pair of spares, turkey, 2 more spares, big 4 and gets 2, 4 pin spare, strike, washout and gets 4 for a 200 game.  McDermott goes spare turkey, 3-6-10 spare, double, 10 pin spare, double 4 pin spare for a 235 game and a 35 pin lead.  Game 2 he doubles to start, 5 pin spare, 3-6-10 spare, double, back to back 10’s for spares, strike 4-7 spare and 7 more for a 211 game and 446 after 2.  Lanser goes 4 bagger, 4 pin spare, turkey, 9 pin spare, double and 9 for a 257 and 457 after 2 and an 11 pin lead.  Game 3 both start with a spare and a strike, McDermott leaves the 4 and spares, Lanser leaves the 4–10 and gets 2 for an open, he covers the 4 next, McDermott doubles and leaves the 3-6 and spares, Lanser gets the next 4 strikes, McDermott strikes then leaves a 10 and misses it, Both strike in the 9th and McDermott strikes out in the 10th for 216 and when Lanser gets 9 in the 10th the match is his, he spares and strike to win by 22.  684 – 662.  McDermott only has 1 open frame, the 10 pin he missed late, Lanser had 2 opens both splits but was able to bunch his strikes together more to get the win.  Justin remains in the Winners bracket and will bowl the winner of the next match.  McDermott suffers his first loss of the year and will bowl Steve Breitbach Jr next week.  Good luck to all!

Kyle Wiest    vs    Ryan Kase     Lanes 9 & 10     7 pm

Wiest starts game 1 with a strike, 10 pin spare, turkey, 3-9-10 and gets 2, strike, spare, 4 bagger for 225.  Kase goes spare, 4 bagger, 10 pin spare, turkey, 7 pin spare strike for a 248 and up 23 pins.  Kase starts with a 5 bagger, 4 pin spare, double, 9 pin spare, 3 pin spare and strike for 247 and 495 after 2.  Wiest turkeys to start, misses a 10, double, 3-6 spare, 2-4-8 spare, turkey and 9 for a a 231 and 456 after 2.  Down 39 Wiest starts with a strike 10 pin spare, Kase misses the 10 pin, the covers the 3-6-10, Wiest doubles, Kase leaves the 6-10 and spares, then leaves the 3–6-10 and opens , Wiest adds 2 more for a 4 bagger through 6, Kase leaves the 6 and has his 3rd open of the game when he misses it then covers the 2-8.  Wiest is now in the lead and covers the 4 pin then goes high but picks up the 3.  Kase doubles in the 7th and 8th, both strike in the 9th, Wiest has the lead still and if he strikes out he shuts out Kase.  Kase strikes in the 10th,  Wiest goes high and leaves the 3-6-7-10 and gets 3 for an openfor a 216 game and 672 series, Kase gets 7 spare to finish the match with the win, with his 189 finish and 684 series.  Kase survives 6 rough frames but finishes strong and gets the mistake from Wiest to get the win.  This was a Winners bracket match so both bowlers bowl on.  Good Luck to Both

Heath Kohl   vs    Dan Moore       Lanes 9 & 10     7 pm

A winners bracket match – same pair as the previous match, Kohl goes 10 pin spare, double, 6 pin spare, 4 bagger, 4 pin spare back to back, strike for 237.  Moore goes 6 bagger, 3 pin spare, 4 bagger and 9 for a 278.  Moore is up 41 and starts with a turkey, 4-7 spare, strike, 2-4-6-7 split and gets 1, 6 pin spare, strike, 7 pin spare back to back and a strike  for a 201 and 479 after 2.  Kohl goes 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, 4 bagger, 8 pin spare, turkey, 8 and 1 for 245 for 482 after 1 and now he is up by 3.  Kohl starts with the first 6 strikes in game 3, Moore goes strike, 4-7 spare, and 4 bagger through the 6th, Kohl leaves the 3-6-9-10 and gets only 3, Moore strikes, both strike in the 8th,  Moore gets another in the 9th, Kohl leaves the 10 pin and spares, both strike in the 10th and the match is over more finishes with a 269, Kohl struck out for a 244.  Moore strings an 8 bagger for a come from behind win with a 748 series, Kohl bowls well but the late open and the big finish by Moore sends Kohl to the Losers bracket and the 700 and lose club with a nice 726.  This was 2 really good matches on this pair and we are finally done with the 7 pm matches!

Zach Althaus   vs  Bobby Petsche      Lanes 7 & 8     8 pm

Althaus starts his night with a solid 8 pin and spares, 10 pin spare, 5 bagger, 3-10 split for an open, strike, spare and 9 for a nice 224 start.  Petsche starts his game with a high shot that trips the 4-9 for a strike, then adds 2 more strikes, 10 pin spare, 1-2-8 spare, strike, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 2, strike, 3-6-9-10 spare, strike spare for 202.  Game 2 is rough for both bowlers Petsche starts with 3-6-9-10 spare, 6 pin spare, strike 10 pin spare, 2-8-10 split for an open, 2 pin spare, 2-4-8-10 split and gets 3, 6-10 spare, strike and 3-4-6-7-10 split and gets 3 for a 155.  Althaus doesn’t fair any better he goes strike, 2-5 and gets 1, Bucket and gets 2, 7 pin spare, 10 pin spare, double, washout and gets none, 2 pin and misses it, 1-2-4-7 and spares and gets 9 for a 151 game and 375 after 2, he is up by 18 and Petsche has 357 after 2.  Althaus covers the 3-10 to start then gets a high strike, Petsche goes high again for the big 4 split and gets 2, then strikes, Althaus gets back to back splits, 4-6 and gets 1, 4-9 and gets 1 , Petsche goes back to back 10 pin spares, Althaus strikes then chops the 3-6 for an open, Petsche strikes then leaves a light 8 pin and spares, Althaus gets a Brooklyn, Petsche leaves the 2-8-10 and gets 2.  Althaus leaves the 3-6 and gets 1, Petsche leaves a wash out and spares. So after 8 frames Petsche is up by 2 pins he strikes in the 9th, Althaus spares the 2-4, Althaus leaves the 10 in the 10th and spares and gets a strike for 152, Petsche gets the win when he strikes out in the 10th for a 192 and 549 series,  Althaus rolls 527 and lose by 22.  This match easily could have gone either way Petsche had 6 opens – mostly splits, Althaus had 9 opens 3 were splits, 1 wash out the rest were pick-upable.  This was a winners bracket match so Althaus is still in it and will meet Austin Camp next week to try to remain in the tournament.

Lucas McDermott   vs   Chris Haack      Lanes 3 & 4      8 pm

Last match tonight, Lucas goes strike 3-6-9-10 spare, double, 1-2-4-8 spare, turkey, 1-2-4-8 and gets 2, 6-9 spare and strike for 208.  Chris goes 4 bagger, 4 pin spare, 5 pin spare, 3-6-10 spare, 4-7 spare, 3 spare, 5 spare and 8 for a 219 and he has an 11 pin lead.  Game 2 he starts with a 5 bagger, 6 pin spare, 6-10 spare, 3 spare, strike, 3-6 spare and 9 for a 235 for 454 after 2.  Lucas goes 4 pin spare, 2-5 spare, strike, 7 pin spare, 4 bagger, 4-6-7 split and gets 2, turkey for 223 and 431 after 2.  Down 23 Lucas starts with a double and spare, Chris picks up the 6 pin, 4 pin, 10 pin and 9 pin then finally strikes.  Lucas turkeys then leaves a flush 10 pin and spares, Chris leaves a 4 pin and spares then misses a ringing 10.  Lucas is in the lead now by 20, both strike in the 8th, Chris leaves a 10 in the 10th, Lucas gets another strike.  Chris strikes in the 10th but its too little when Lucas spares in the 10th covering the 9 pin, he gets none on the fill ball but it doesn’t matter his 226 finish and 657 series nets him the win over Haack who rolls 185 and 639.  McDermott gets a nice come back win to stay in the Winners Bracket.  Haack who just couldn’t get a strike the last game moves to the Losers bracket and will face Kody Klein who rocked a nice 779 series earlier in the night

Congrats to all that survived!   It was a crazy night of close matches!   Good luck to all next week, the field will be cut in half after next week.  Remember shifts are at 7 and 8 pm!  Get there early to get a good seat!