I wanted to mention a few matches from last week that were great come from behind wins or narrow misses.

Jeremy Cook   vs   Steve Biver.  Cook had 439 after two games, Biver 416, Biver shoots 222, Cook struggles to a 165 and Biver takes the match 638 – 604.  A nice come from behind victory!

Austin Camp   vs   Zach Althaus.  Camp had 423 after two games, Althaus 471, Althaus shoots a 198 but its not enough to net the win as Camp rolls a 266 to get the win 689 – 669 – nice come back!

Marcus Henry   vs   Josh Einsweiller,  Henry has 410 after 2, Einsweiller has 389, Henry rolls a 193, but Einsweiller passes him with a 225 3rd game and wins 614 – 603.  Congrats on the nice come from behind win!

Jerome Lang  vs  Rick Jacobs.  Lang 409 after the first 2, Jacobs 461.  Down 52 Lang rolls a 206 game and comes up just short as Jacobs struggles in game 3 but gets the win with a 163 game and 624 series, Lang comes up short with a 615.  Congrats to Jacobs the big second game carries him through to the next round!

Josh Orr   vs   Jay Lanser.   Orr has 455 after two, Lanser just 399.  Orr shoots 192, its just enough as Lanser bowls well in game 3 but comes up short witha 235 – 634 finish, Orr gets the win with his 647.  This was a Winners bracket match so both bowlers bowl on – Lanser moves to the Losers bracket

Have a great week!