Here are the greatest Highlights from Week 4 – Hell Week

Ryan Kase  vs   Dan Moore.  Kase starts with 234-203 = 437, Moore  213-212 = 425.  Kase rolls 215 his last game but Moore over takes him rolling a nice 249 game for a 674 – 652 win over Kase.  Moore will bowl next week to try to be the Winners bracket Champion, Kase will have to survive the Losers Bracket matches in order to make it to the championship matches.  Congrats to Moore!

Congrats go out to Jason Lanser, Steve Beck and Kevin Scheffert for winning their Winner’s bracket matches.   These guys along with Moore will compete for the Champion of the Winners bracket next week – matches at 7 and 8 PM

Matt Gantenbein  vs  Kody Klein.  Gantenbein has 422 after 2, Klein 435, Gantenbein nets the win late in the game with a 237-659 finish to Klein’s 203-638.  His come from behind means he gets to bowl again. Klein is out of the tournament in a match that came down to a few key shots

Colton Hedrick  vs  Adam Gross.  Hedrick rolls 212-214 for 426 after two.  Gross 215-248 for 463.  Up 37 he rolls a 200 game, but Hedrick strikes every frame for a 300 GAME and the win 726 – 663.  A nice emotional win for Hedrick who will need to regroup and bowl again at 7.  Gross runs into a buzz saw the last game and is out of the tournament.

Brett Besler   vs  Terry Cottrell.  Besler shoots 238-229 for 467 after 2, Cottrell goes 2014-214 and his 418 means he is down 49 pins.  Besler runs into trouble and bowls a 177 game, Cottrell comes up short missing a few key spares in the match – his 220 638 is 7 pins short of a win as Besler wins with his 644.  Besler will need to win twice more tonight to stay in the tournament.  Past Champion Cottrell is out.

Heath Kohl  vs  Casey Hedrick.  Last match to review from 6pm then we move to 8 pm as all of the 7 pm matches were won pretty easily.  Kohl rolls 190-201 for 391 after 2, Hedrick starts 158-223 for 381 Kohl is up by 10 but the match comes down to the 10 frame and who will cover a spare.  Hedrick opens and Kohl covers the 10 to win with a 194 – 585 to Hedrick’s 197 – 578.  Kohl will need to win two more matches to make the finals next week and survive Hell Week.

Justin Lanser  vs  Rick Jacobs.  Jacobs is in his 3rd match of the night starts with 197 – 267 for 464 after 2.  Lanser has 228 – 199 and 427 after 2.  Jacobs struggles his last game and the match comes down to the 10 frame – he rolls a 170 game and Lanser needs to strike out to win and leaves a single pin in the 11th to fall short.  HIs 201 – 628 falls 6 pins short as Jacobs hangs on with a 634 series.  Jacobs will cash will need to win 5 more matches in the next two weeks to make the finals!  Great match guys!

Keith McDermott  vs  Heath Kohl.  McDermott goes 221-183 for 404 for 2.  Kohl 183 – 197 for 380.  Last game McDermott rolls a 208 and 612 and wins by 2 pins as Kohl falls short of a come from behind win with his 230 – 610 finish.  Kohl missed a few spares and left behind pins for splits and spares that would have give him the win.  Kohl misses the money cut, McDermott survives the gauntlet by winning all 3 of his matches and is in the money.  He like Jacobs and Brett Besler won all three of their matches tonight to survive!  Each will need to win 5 more matches to have a chance to bowl in the finals.  Good luck to all 12 bowlers next week!

Reminder matches are at 7 and 8 pm

This new abbreviated version of the Greatest matches is in response to not being able to find scorekeepers for ALL of the matches.  Hope you all had a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving – see you at the lanes!